• A diverse group of volunteers were assembled and charged with reviewing our properties and programs with the outcome being a 10-Year Plan.
  • The recommendation, called Imagine 2024, was voted on and approved at the December 16, 2013 Executive Board Meeting. This was the first phase of our campaign.
  • The original recommendations led to a conversation with marketing professionals which prompted additional objectives that were approved by the Bay-Lakes Council’s Executive Board.
  • These objectives will be critical to the Bay-Lakes Council as we seek to offer high quality programs and facilities with a business model that is financially sustainable.
  • Beginning in 2017, we have entered into the next phase of master planning for this project and it is called “Growing Future Leaders.”

Three Town Hall Meetings were held throughout the Council and hundreds of stakeholders had a chance to see for themselves the vision for the future. The 10–Year Strategic Plan titled “Imagine 2024” was unveiled after nearly 2 years of planning and development. The vision is to look towards 2024 and imagine what the Council could look like in terms of membership, programs, leadership, funding, marketing; as well as our properties.

The plan is designed to be the guide to the ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE in the life of a young person. In today’s fast paced and constantly changing society it is critical that we as a Council adapt and change so that we can continue to provide a high quality experience, for our members and remain significant in their life and the lives of their family.

  • To view the video introduction of the plan, click here
  • To view a recorded version of a Town Hall meeting, click here.

Please use these with your unit or other groups to help us spread the message.

As the Council begins to implement various efforts and initiatives of the “Imagine 2024” plan, we will post updates related to the progress of the plan, provide answers to commonly asked questions, post pictures and renderings of new and remodeled buildings, provide links to live webcams, and post relevant documents and videos for downloading and viewing all in an effort to allow you to see the vision come to life and help us share that vision with others!