Strengthen Your Pack.
Find Your Purpose.

Recruitment night, sign-up event, Join Scouting night…Whatever your Pack calls it, you know that the fall recruitment season is an important part of the beginning of your Pack’s program year.

Below, you’ll find resources and tips for making recruiting a fun and enjoyable experience that keeps the bigger picture in focus: growing your unit to reach more kids, strengthen your packs and have more fun!

Sign-Up Night Playbook

Cub Scout Pack Recruitment Guide (Coming Soon)

New Parent Cub Scout Guide (Coming Soon)

Social Media Playbook


School Talks:

  • A 3-5 minute talk to potential members who are interested in joining the Scouting program. Presentations can take place at schools, community centers, churches or directly to other youth-serving organizations.

Join Scouting Night:

  • Join Scouting Nights give parents and youth an opportunity to get to know Scouting and to learn how your Pack works.

Peer to Peer Recruitment

  • Consider having a recruitment campaign within the pack and troop. Offer incentives to each Scout who brings in a friend, as well as an overall prize for the top recruiter.


Recruitment Resources:  Allows families to request information and complete registration in your unit online.

2019 Cub Scout Recruiting Sign Up (PDF)

  • Customized Flyers
  • Table Top Banners
  • Yard Signs
  • Stickers
  • And more are available at your request!

Rockets_Mixed_Postcard (Fillable PDF)

Peer to Peer Recruitment Cards

BSA Brand Center:

A one-stop shop for images available to units for use in websites and presentations.  As long as the images are used for a Scouting purpose, no special permission is needed.  For guidelines as to how best to utilize these tools please see the BSA Brand Identity Guide (PDF).