Our Mission is to preserve and share the memories of Scouting in the Bay-Lakes Council.

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New Museum Inventory

The museum just became the owner of a very unique Scout Handbook and less than 200 were given. It’s a special re-bound 1910 Scout Handbook which were given at an event on September 23rd, 1910 at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in which Baden Powell was in attendance. By the cover you really can’t tell how special the book is. This book is extra special because it was also given to Gilbert Nelson Jerome, as you can see in the pictures. Gilbert lived from November 15, 1889 until July 11, 1918. Jerome was also the Scout Executive for New Haven from August 1915 until June 1917. He resigned from his position to join the U.S. Aviation Service. After his death a “Gilbert N. Jerome Lecture course for Scout Leaders” was established in his memory.