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Terra Verde, from the very start, was meant to be an experience!

Terra Verde imports organic coffee from around the world and does all of their roasting on-site, to produce the freshest and most environmentally friendly product available.

From their coffee, to their teas and espressos, to their bakery and menu items, quality is their most coveted guarantee.

Spring Sale FAQs

Each 12 ounce bag costs $22.

Your unit keeps 30% of all sales.

The five flavors in the sale include Bear Paw Breakfast Club Blend, Gardner Dam Espresso, Hiawatha French Roast Blend, Jax House Blend, and Rokilio Decaf.

Your Spring Sale Unit Coordinator will be sent order forms in the mail.

Yes. Order forms and additional information can be found on the Bay-Lakes Council website.

Terra Verde Organic Coffee Roaster is located in Chilton, WI.


Sale Contacts

Kallee Kissling
Development Director
(920) 734-5705 ext. 123

Nikki Woolf
Finance Service Representative
(920) 734-5705 ext. 118