Service at Camps: Help Needed for the June 27 Work Day

The Kon Wapos Lodge is supporting a number of service projects that need to be completed at Bear Paw, Rokilio, Gardner Dam and Hiawatha. We need adults (age 18+) and youth (age 15-17), accompanied by their parent(s). You do not need to be a member of the Order of the Arrow. We will be operating with safety as a priority. Most work will be outdoors and distancing 6’+. Bring work gloves, water bottle, work clothes, your own lunch. Be prepared with a face mask, if needed. Painting, cleaning, brush clearing, etc. Specialty skills are also needed: electricians, carpenters, plumbing, siding installation, soffit installation.  

Anyone who volunteers to do service in our camps will earn the Kon Wapos Award. Patches will be distributed at the next lodge event (to be determined) or we will make other arrangements.

​​PLEASE NOTE: Before heading to camp contact Mike Mailand, Kon Wapos Lodge Adviser, by email at or by phone at (920) 915-7901 (text or call).

Project List:

​Camp Hiawatha (contact Erick Kestila, Camp Director)
· Projects around new boathouse
· Electrical work
· Dock repair
· Clean-up downed trees and limbs

Gardner Dam  (contact Mike Mailand, Lodge Adviser)
· Set up wall tents June 27
· Painting projects – benches, totem poles, etc.
· Brush clearing
· Repair & paint picnic tables

Bear Paw (contact Mike Mailand, Lodge Adviser)
· Campsite clean-up and preparation for summer camp
· Build additional hand washing stations
· Landscaping – seeding, raking, touch-up
· Waterfront hill clean-up
· Electrical, siding installation, soffit installation, etc.

Rokilio (contact Mike Mailand, Lodge Adviser)
· Paint Rosie shower house (inside walls, clean-up, doors, trim)
· Pressure wash Space Station exterior; Paint access walkway to roof top
· Bog trail work – add walkway on top of existing because of higher water level this year