This past week I got the opportunity to address all four of our resident camp staffs. What an amazing group of Scouts and Scouters!

The energy they radiated lifted my spirits and reminds me of why we all do this. There is always a new Scout at the head of the Scouting trail, looking for us to show them to the pathway to adventure. This is going to be an interesting year for our camps. The COVID-19 protocols are being implemented and are real. My temperature was taken, was issued a mask, and even socially distanced as best as we could. Our staff is ready to provide as safe an environment as they possibly can. It was fun touring preparations for camp with some camp directors and program directors. The pride they are taking in getting camp ready is palpable.

Work continues on many projects in our camps. Bear Paw is the place where the progress is rapid and you can see the replacement of buildings from the storm. At Rokilio, the shower house has undergone a big change and the welcome center is operational. At Gardner Dam, the area where the new dining hall is to be built has been prepped and is ready to go. At Hiawatha, the boat house is usable and should be finished in the upcoming months. All in all, a lot of change happening and change that everyone should be proud of. So many volunteers have been making these construction projects happen, a snappy Scout Salute to everyone that has been helping!

The summer camping season is upon us! Let the fun begin.

Ralph Voelker
Scout Executive

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