We continue to pour over summer camp reviews as we plan for 2021 resident camp. This time, a summary from Gardner Dam Scout Camp.

Food delivery and staff attitude were great, even the campfires despite the COVID restrictions; we want to come back next year. Sleeping in canvas tents was fun, scout leaders’ skits and songs were creative and funny. The staff did a great job improving because of the weather. (Spoiler: it rained a lot during the session.) the kayak slide was fun and the shooting sports area is a nice facility; the scouts had fun.

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A great opening campfire. And from one leader, “COVID affected everything I feel you guys tried and did your best to give us the best three days. We had a blast!” “Kid quotes” from another unit: “Worth a billion dollars. Best camp ever. I want to stay all year. A billion stars. I want nothing changed. Kindest staff ever.”

Comments on our to-do list: The trading post had limited hours and supplies available. Evening downtime due to camp restrictions. When delivering food to campsites, portions should be sized for youth and adult. Some of the shooting sports orientations need improvement. We hear you. While camper surveys are helpful, we always are seeking your feedback to improve. Simply reply to this email and your messages will get to the right people. That’s a promise.