In case you missed it, a truly exciting program was held this past Sunday (02/21/2021)when the national Scouting community, to recognize and honor the inaugural class of Female Eagle Scouts, including our very own Bay-Lakes Council Eagles.

These young ladies have completed their Eagle Scout Board of Review sometime between October 1, 2020 – February 8, 2021. They arerecognized as the Inaugural Class of Female Eagle Scouts with their Eagle Scout credentials dated February 8, 2021 — the 111th Birthday of the Boy Scouts of America. You can watch the recorded program on Facebookor YouTube.

Bay-Lakes Strong

There are 15 Eagles in the Council’s inaugural Female Class. Both Action-2 News and Fox11Online.

Teresa Dold, Troop 6177 (Gathering Waters); Elizabeth Fogarty, Troop 6838 (Kettle Country); Katherine Fogarty, Troop 6838 (Kettle Country); Jennette Fredrickson, Troop 6177 (Gathering Waters); Tiffany Girard, Troop 6001 (Lakeshore); Nicole Kannass, Troop 6838 (Kettle Country); Ella Kikkert, Troop 6838 (Kettle Country); Kaylee Kosik, Troop 6002 (Gathering Waters); Aubree Kubicki, Troop 6093 (Voyageur); Madeline Maline, Troop 6401 (Hiawathaland); Caleigh Rose, Troop 6177 (Gathering Waters); Tessa Ross, Troop 6712 (Ledge to Lakes); Raegen Schwarz, Troop 6177 (Gathering Waters); Tiara Thurow, Troop 6712 (Ledge to Lakes); Ava Van Straten (Lone Scout) Voyageur District.

The Beaver Dam Daily Citizen, also featured the new Eagles from Troop 6838 – read the story here.


Saluting our Eagles

Since the first of the year, we recognize these Scouts also achieved their Eagle rank: Joshua Bigari, Troop 1477 (Voyageur); Isaiah Buchberger, Troop 635 (Twin Lakes); Riley Engebretsen, Troop 1035 (Northern Lights); Wyatt Heier, Troop 1033 (Voyageur); Nathan Heller, Troop 948 (Lakeshore); Nathan Lesperance, Troop 1095 (Voyageur); Ezra Linnan, Troop 1022 (Voyageur); Blake McAllister, Troop 1113  (Voyageur); John Mrugala, Troop 817 (Kettle Country); Christopher Nelson, Troop 12 (Gathering Waters); Evan Phalin, Troop 12 (Gathering Waters); Quinton Phalin, Troop 12 (Gathering Waters); Austin Risch, Troop 830 (Kettle Country); Noah Ryan, Troop 1139  (Voyageur); Steven Salle, Troop 73 (Gathering Waters); Nyles Schneider, Troop 77 (Gathering Waters); Joshua Uselann, Troop 777 (Ledge to Lakes); Jonas Wirtanen, Troop 1563 (Voyageur).

Revised Eagle Workbook

Remember, there is a newly revamped Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook. The revised workbook is not fundamentally different from its predecessor. It has been reorganized, some functionality has been improved, a few clarifications made, and a new document added for project beneficiaries. (Scouts who have already downloaded and begun working with the previous version of the workbook must be allowed to continue using it, whether or not their proposal has been approved.) See your District’s Advancement Chair for details. Find the new workbook here.

Eagle Scout Scholarships

Deadlines are looming for several annual scholarships for Eagle Scouts. The Donald D. and M. Marie Belcher Charitable Foundation provides three two- year $7,000 college scholarships awarded each year in the amount of $3,500 the first year, renewable for a second year. (Deadline is March 31. Details and application can be found here.

The Sons of the American Revolution sponsors a national scholarship essay contest that begins at the local level. Get all the details and Wisconsin contact information right here.

Finally, Bay-Lakes Council has assembled a list of several other scholarships available to Eagles.