The time has come! Our first official selling weekend is upon us! Please share pictures and successes of your first weekend of sales and we will highlight some in future kernel journals and Facebook posts!

  • Open Warehouse Hours – Open warehouse hours are here to help you refill your popcorn supply. You do not need to place an order in the Pecatonica River system beforehand. Even if you are just running short on one type of popcorn, you’ll be able to pick up more. Days and hours are listed by district at If your district isn’t listed as having open hours, please contact your district popcorn leadership and we’ll do the best we can to help you out. Reach out to Alex, me, or your district leadership with any questions.
  • Unit-to-Unit TransfersIf you are running short of any kinds of popcorn and hear of a unit who has some to spare, you can do a unit-to-unit transfer. Set up a time and location to meet them and fill out the transfer form found at Please remember to have a signature from both units involved on the form, then please email it to us and we will make the transfer in the Pecatonica system. We have a special Facebook group also for this purpose that can be found at It is named Bay-Lakes Council Kernel Korner. Several of our districts have similar pages for your specific district, but transferring products between districts is NOT limited to units in the same district as you.
  • Online Sales – Have friends and family who love popcorn and supporting our Scouts who live out of town? No worries! Online selling is here to save the day! If you haven’t yet, you can create online selling IDs for your Scouts on the Pecatonica River website. Log into your account and select the Scout Seller ID’s tab. You can then enter Scout names and email addresses to create their IDs. The email attached to the Scout will receive an email confirmation and more information about setting up their own online selling account. This process can take up to 72 hours. You can learn more about seller IDs at And wait! There’s more!! We will be announcing a special incentive regarding online sales later today! Please call or email me with any questions about online selling.
  • ACH – Finally, friendly reminder that ACH authorization forms are due by October 3. An ACH transfer is the electronic movement of money between banks, so instead of having to write a check to the Council, your popcorn payments will automatically be taken out of your account. These withdraws occur on November 18, December 3, and December 17. November 3 is for your unit’s Show and Sell order. December 3 is for your unit’s take order, and December 17 is for any late add-on order. If at any time, you have any questions about what you owe, please reach out to us. If you haven’t submitted yours yet, the form can be found at