Join Us in Congratulating Some of our Recent Bay-Lakes Council Eagle Scouts

Cole Bennetts, Troop 411 of Escanaba, MI, Hiawathaland District

Raymond Henschel, Troop 825 of  Howard’s Grove, WI, Lakeshore District

Isaac C. Kohls, Troop 792 of Fond du Lac, WI, Ledge to Lakes District

Will Olsick, Troop 411 of Escanaba, MI, Hiawathaland District (not pictured)

Emily Roe, Lone Scout from Troop 6355 of Pickford, MI, Hiawathaland District

Cole Bennetts, a member of Troop 411 of Escanaba MI sponsored by Immanuel Lutheran Church, completed his Eagle Board of Review on May 12, 2022.

In his words, “My project was to build a flowerbed around a flagpole in the park in Bark River that is across from Massies Country Market. The Heart of The North Lions Club is the beneficiary of this project. Rose Potvin from the Lions Club was my main contact. She presented the project and helped make lots of the decisions for the project. The project consisted of building a teardrop shaped, concrete pad around an existing flag pole, building two benches to put onto the concrete pad, and planting flowers in the flowerbed. The flowers were planted in a garden space that was formed into the concrete. The two benches were anchored to the concrete pad. Scott Knauf from The Ground’s Nursery, came up with the design for the concrete pad and he donated his time and effort to plant the flowerbed. He also showed the Scouts who showed up how to plant the flower bed. Corey Panghorn from Bichler Concrete and Gravel and Kevin LaCosse, my uncle from Gundlach Champion, helped greatly with the concrete pad’s construction. Corey owns Bichler Concrete and Gravel, and he donated all the concrete needed for the project. Kevin LaCosse brought tools from Gundlach Champion to use for building the concrete pad. Corey and Kevin also taught the Scouts who helped with the project how to form and pour concrete. Allen LaCosse, my other uncle who is a logger, donated the wood I would need to build the benches. My dad and I built the benches and anchored them to the concrete.

His unit leader is Craig Woerpel.

The Court of Honor was scheduled last week on June 13, 2022.

Raymond Henschel, a member of Troop 825 in  Howard’s Grove, WI, completed his Eagle Board of Review on May 5, 2022. His project was a food drive for the Wisconsin Humane Society, during which 1,019 items were he collected, such as dog food, cat food, baby scales, toys, bedding, towels, cat litter, puppy pads, bowls, kitten bottles, and much more! Also 20 snuffle mats were made specifically to entice dogs into sniffing and foraging at the Humane Society!

His unit leader is Shane Arneson.

Ray plans on a summer Court of Honor.

Isaac C. Kohls, who was with Troop 618 in Oshkosh until it folded due to Covid, completed his Eagle Board of Review on May 17, 2022, as a member of Troop 792 in Fond du Lac, WI.

In his words: “For my Eagle Scout Project I built four wooden shelves and a clothes rack cart and installed cabinets and countertops for my school’s music department. The aim was to help them in their storage and organization capabilities, as well as provide them with workspace.”

His current unit leader is Paul Kaestner.

No Eagle Court of Honor is planned.

Will Olsick, a member of Troop 411 in Escanaba, MI, completed his Eagle Board of Review on February 21, 2022.

In his words, “My Eagle project was to make an A-frame swing bench for the community of Escanaba. I had a few scouts from my troop help me with the construction of the bench, along with a carpenter who helped us with power tools and his knowledge of construction. The bench was donated to the Escanaba department of recreation.

His unit leader is Craig Woerpel.

Will’s Eagle Court of Honor was May 9, 2022.

Emily Roe, Unit Lone Scout 6355, Pickford, MI, completed her Eagle Bpoard of Review on May 2, 2022.

In her words, “My project involved gathering all Pickford Class Alumni photos (Class Composites) and creating ones for the few past years that we’re never created. I used my local Pickford Museum to gather any photos I couldn’t find in the school and I took pictures of them and adjusted them to be digital. Now Pickford Public Schools has all of the available class composites digitally on a flash drive. It can be added to forever as well as make copies of. Once the school is done with the construction they plan to print and frame everything to hang in the halls. Coincidentally, my class is the 100th Class graduating from Pickford this year 2022. We would have never known this information if I hadn’t done this project. My family is also very involved in Pickford, they are the first family to help Mr. Pickford found and establish the town of Pickford. Everything was funded by the school, and I asked some of Pickford Troop 121 to help along with some other volunteers from the community. There we’re no composites for the classes of 2015 and the present. So I had the school secretary (Mrs. Brace), look through the class photo discs and sorted them out by graduating year and name. The pictures had to be in alphabetical order and look neat. The program we used to do so was Microsoft Publisher.

But overall, I am very glad I could find so much history in the school, and now everyone can see their class or relatives. Everything is available for free, to view on the Pickford Public Schools website under the History tab. I am still missing some years, but I have had people already add more composites. I think this will bring more attention to people and hopefully we can find it every year that is missing!”

Her unit leader is Tonya Brace.

Emily‘s Eagle Court of Honor is scheduled for this month.

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