I hope your first full week of show and selling is going great!! We’ve been hearing some great success stories! Please continue sharing your stories and pictures with us!

  • Mid-Sale Reorders Due Sunday at Midnight! – The mid-sale reorder is open on the Pecatonica River System. If you need a reminder on how to place an order, watch this tutorial: Orders are due in the system by Sunday, September 25 at 11:59pm. Distribution will occur on October 7. Please keep an eye out for more information from your district popcorn team in regards to distribution details. Need product before then? Several districts are holding open warehouse hours. As a reminder, you do NOT need to place an order in the Pecatonica system in order to pick up product during these hours. Days and hours are listed by district at
  • Selling Tips – Be sure to keep the energy up with your sale. Some fun ideas include:
    • Do a weekly raffle for Scouts that make sales that week
    • Do a contest for Scouts to completely fill out their order forms
    • Reward the Scout who goes to the most houses or logs the most storefront hours in a week
    • Make a unit goal each week and celebrate once you hit it
  • ACH – ACH authorization forms are due by October 2. They can be found at Even if you filled out the form last year, you will need to fill out a new one this year. Friendly reminder that withdraws occur on November 17, December 2, and December 16. November 17 is for your unit’s Show and Sell order. December 2 is for your unit’s take order, and December 16 is for any late add-on order.
  • Unit-to-Unit TransfersIf you are running short of any kinds of popcorn and hear of a unit who has some to spare (or you have product to spare), you can do a unit-to-unit transfer. Set up a time and location to meet them and fill out the transfer form found at Please remember to have a signature from both units involved on the form, then please email it to us and we will make the transfer in the Pecatonica system. Transferring products between districts is NOT limited to units in the same district as you.

Please let me, Nikki, or your district popcorn team know if you have any questions or if there’s anything we can do to help your sale! And as always, make sure you have our popcorn webpage book marked for all your popcorn resources at