Internet Advancement is available at

Internet Advancement writes to the Scoutbook database so anything approved will instantly show up in Scoutbook (and vice versa.) Also, all records are synced with the council records automatically within 48 hours.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Record Activities & Service Hours

To log into Internet Advancement, please visit

Your Username and Password will be the same one you use to log into both and/or Scoutbook.

If you have trouble logging in, or need to reset your Password, please submit a Password Reset Request to

Changing or assigning Functional Roles can only be done by the Unit Key 3 and the Key 3 delegate(s).  To add a Functional Role, such as Advancement Chair, to one of your unit leader’s profiles, please follow these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on Menu (upper left-hand corner)
  3. Select your unit leader from the drop-down menu
  4. Click Organization Manager
  5. Click Position Manager
  6. Click on the Functional Role tab
  7. Next, simply assign roles by “dragging and dropping” in the name of the person you want to hold a particular role.

Please note: Functional Roles will need to be reassigned after your annual unit charter renewal is processed each year.