Now is the Time to “Do a Good Turn”!

Scouting for Food has been a Scouting tradition in Bay-Lakes Council for 35 years. This important community service event helps make a healthy difference for those in need! As you already know, the need for food is in high demand right now, and we have found many of the food banks and pantries we partner with really do need our help.

Scouts were asked to share the Scouting for Food Drive plan by distributing Door Hangers throughout their communities by April 15th and then return to pick up food donations the morning of April 22nd. Collected donations will then be taken to a local Food Bank or Pantry.

Now is the time to join Boy Scouts of America, as they deliver on Scouting’s “Good Turn” motto, by participating in the annual campaign in Eastern Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Thank you!

If you did not receive a door hanger, or your donation was not picked up on Saturday, April 22 by Noon (CST), please help out by taking your goods to your local Festival Foods store or to your local food pantry. Scouts do their best to cover their local areas, but sometimes a donation may be missed.

Thank you for your support!

Contact Tammi at or call (920) 266-9555 if you have any questions.