Monday, April 13 – Monday, April 20 — #scififun #research #technology #science

Hey Scouts! I hope you enjoy the #challenge from last week. This week’s #challenge will be showing us your best #science, #technology, #research project that you are doing for advancement!

Make sure you take some photos or videos of your activities and share them via Facebook and include @kettlecountry or email so we can put together a video of our FUN activities. Deadline to post or email your photos/video is Monday, April 20, 2020!

Here are some great ideas that include some ADVANCEMENT opportunities to do with your family!

Lions — “Gizmos & Gadgets” — Explore properties of motion, explore properties of force and build a useful project with household materials.

Tigers — “Tiger-iffic” — Invent a game and play it with your family (think science)!

Wolfs — “Code of the Wolf” — Play “Go Fish 10”, do five activities at home that uses math and explain how to use math daily, identify three shapes that you see in nature, play basketball or use a laundry basket and ball to count the number of shoots it takes to make five baskets and make a graph, or use a secret code to send a message.

Bears — “Make it Move” — Make two simple pulleys and use them to move an object, make a lever and explore how it balances placing different objects on each end, draw a Rub Goldberg type machine and include six steps to complete the action.

Webelos — “Earth Rocks” – Explain geology and explain why it is important, go on a rock hunt and look for different rocks or minerals, identify the rocks/minerals on your hunt, and identify them on the Mons Scale by testing the rock, identify on a map some geological features in your area.

Arrow of Light – “Adventures in Science” – Build a model solar system, study the night sky, create two circuits of three light bulbs and a battery – construct one as a series circuit, and the other as a parallel circuit.

Scouts BSA Youth & Venturers – Demonstrate how to use a compass and orient a map. Use a map to point out and tell the meaning of five map symbols. Demonstrate how to find directions during the day and at night without using a compass or electronic device OR start your Electronics, Public Health, Space Exploration or Geocaching Merit Badges – make sure to ask your Scoutmaster for permission and suggestions for merit badge counselors.