Monday, May 18 – Monday, May 25 — #service #community #patriotic

Scouts is all about #service to our #community and our chartered organizations. We also thank our veterans with gratitude for the ultimate sacrifice of our fallen heroes. #patriotic

Make sure you take some photos or videos of your activities and share them via Facebook and include @kettlecountry or email so we can put together a video of our FUN activities. Deadline to post or email your photos/video is Monday, May 25, 2020!

Here are some great ideas that include some ADVANCEMENT opportunities to do with your family!

Lions — “King of the Jungle” – Teach your family or join your family for a flag ceremony. Explain what it means to be a good citizen and a good leader.

Tigers — “Team Tiger” – Participate as a team with your family in a service project such as picking up garbage or putting flags up in your community or cemeteries.

Wolfs — “Hometown Heroes” – Talk to your family about what it means to you to be a hero. Share a name with your family on who you think is a hero and why. Invite a police officer or fire person to join a virtual den meeting with you and learn about what they do. Send a thank you letter to your hero that joined you during your virtual meeting.

Bears — “Paws for Action” – Learn about our nation’s flag. Display it at home for one month. Say the Pledge of Allegiance and learn its meaning. Do a cleanup project for your community. Find out about two famous Americans and share what you learned with your family.

Webelos & Arrow of Light — “Build My Own Hero” – Discover what it means to be a hero and invite a local hero to meet with your den virtually. Describe how citizens can be heroes in their communities. Lean about a Scout hero and create your own superhero.

Scouts BSA Youth & Venturers – Demonstrate Scout spirit by living the Scout Oath and Law. Explain what respect is due for the flag of the United States. Participate in two hours of service through a service project.  OR American Heritage or Citizenship in the World Merit Badges – make sure to ask your Scoutmaster for permission and suggestions for merit badge counselors.