Monday, May 25 – Monday, June 1 — #hikein #adventureon #trails  

Let’s get out on those #trails! Outing is scouting…so lace up your hikin’ boots, pack your 10 essentials and enjoy some hiking on a local trail to #adventureon.

Make sure you take some photos or videos of your activities and share them via Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram and include #ScoutingAtHome   @BayLakesCouncil @Bay-Lakes Council Scouting @ Home Collaboration

Here are some great ideas that include some ADVANCEMENT opportunities to do with your family!

Lions – “Fun on the Run” – Get prepared for a family hike by learning and demonstrating three exercise you can do each day. Conduct your family hike and then understand the importance of rest and rehydrating after an active adventure.

Tigers — “Backyard Jungle” – While going on a family hike, be aware of you surrounding by picking out two different sounds, identifying two different birds in your area, and take a 1-foot hike…what do you see from the previous foot. The world is your surroundings.

Wolfs — “Paws on the Path” – Enjoy the great outdoors by preparing for a hike and explain why the buddy system is so important. Choose the appropriate clothing for a 1 mile hike, pack your 10 essentials and enjoy a mile hike adventure with your family!

Bears — “Fur, Feathers and Ferns” – Hiking is the challenge this week. Go out and enjoy the great outdoors and identify six signs of animals on our hike. Observe wildlife from a distance.

Webelos & Arrow of Light — “Webelos Walkabout” – Discover the outdoors…scouting is to enjoy an outing. Create a hike plan, assemble a first-aid kit, and take a hike for 3 miles and plan a backpack lunch. While hiking, utilize and understand the Outdoor Code and Leave No Trace.

Scouts BSA Youth & Venturers – Learn and start your Hiking Merit Badge to join in on all the outing scouting fun of #hiking. Make sure you ask your Scoutmaster for permission and suggestions for merit badge counselors.