I had a chance to spend a few hours at Bear Paw and Rokilio this week as camps start to open. While it was certainly a different type of camp – smaller numbers of Scouts, rotational scheduling and moving together, face masks, sanitizing everything, it still felt like a Scout summer camp. Dappled sunlight on the trails, hot weather, a few bugs, ice cream at the trading post, staff running around dressed as superheroes. Did I mention smiling leaders and laughing Scouts?

I heard several times from leaders how happy they were that Bay-Lakes Council had found a way to get the camps open. They said this was one of the few things their Scouts had to look forward to this summer that wasn’t cancelled. The Scouts were so excited and the parents thankful. I couldn’t be prouder of what our Council accomplished.

To all of the Council leadership and administrative staff, rangers, camp staffs, vendors and Council volunteers who worked so hard to make camp happen for the Scouts this summer – CONGRATULATIONS!

You did it!

Roy LaPean
Council Commissioner

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