As of this writing, we just ended our September Executive Committee meeting. While challenges still abound, we had some very promising results. Our recruiting ads are just starting to hit the airwaves, and units have begun their join-up events. Even with the horrible weather last week, we are signing up new Scouts! Compared to National and Area numbers, we are doing better than the pack.    

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We need to keep the energy and focus on bringing new families into Scouting. Units are very appreciative that we worked hard to open our camps in a very safe manner.  Many councils chose not to do that.   

You’ll begin to see popcorn sales going on in public venues, as well as online options to buy. Anecdotal feedback is people are yearning for safe group activities and Scouting is here to answer that call!

Financially, we are still struggling with the aspects of Covid, but through sound financial management, dedicated financial contributors, and just plain hard work, our losses are far less than anticipated as recently as a couple of months ago. Robust popcorn sales will be critical to our success. If you are connected to a unit, please   make sure you are doing all you can to encourage your Scouts to sell. And, be a great consumer! As the weather gets colder, there’s nothing better than to curl up next to a fireplace, watch a family movie, and gorge on Scout popcorn! It’s even good around an outdoor firepit, and if you spill, the squirrels will clean it up.  

The other area where you can help financially is to encourage friends, neighbors, and business connections to take part in our Golden Eagle event on Oct 13. It will be virtual this year, and our guest speaker is Mason Crosby, and it will continue to give us the opportunity to share the vision of Scouting in the Bay Lakes Council with the greater community. Host a “watch party”, pop up a mess of popcorn, and enjoy the event!

You can find more details here. And if you know people from the major sponsoring organizations make sure you thank them for all  their support, because we could not do this without them. Sponsorship information is here.

So, while we are still navigating some turbulent waters, there is a lot to be thankful for and good cause for optimism. Thank you all for all you are doing to help! It is making the difference.

If you have questions, or would like the opportunity to help even more, by serving on one of our teams, just send me an email at  ​​