Youth Protection Challenge

As all of you know, making sure that all adult leaders are Youth Protection trained is one of the most important things we can do as a Council. Commissioners are responsible for making sure everyone is youth protection trained as a part of the re-chartering process. By district, between 50 to 70% of unit leaders and other district members will have their YPT training expire between now and the end of the re-chartering period. Units cannot re-charter unless their leaders are all currently trained.

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That’s a lot of training that needs to take place!

It has been an unusual year to say the least. A lot of effort is being put into helping units get restarted and providing creative program to keep Scouting going for our youth. It’s stretching our resources for doing other things pretty thin. I believe that when people understand the importance of doing something and are asked to help, they will respond in ways you can’t believe. I am asking for your help now.

So, I would like to put forward a challenge to the leaders of Bay-Lakes Council to get their YPT done. Here are the challenge details:

  • All Commissioners will have their YPT done by October 1.
  • All leaders who are required to be YPT trained will have their training done by November 1.         

That’s it!  It’s what you might call it a BHAG (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal.)  I absolutely believe it is the right thing to do to get this training done early.  We avoid a lot of last-minute, unnecessary charter hold-ups by getting the training done and smooth out the process for everyone.  It only takes about an hour to be trained on-line.  Visit
If you would prefer to receive in-person training, we have that ready to go as well. Just let a Commissioner know and they will help to arrange it. You’ll also see our progress reported in the Guide to help us build and sustain momentum. 

Let’s get on this and see what we can do! 

Roy LaPean
Council Commissioner

Remember, Clyde is your go-to sources for all your commissioner questions. Send him a note at