I’m Asking for Your Help

The impact of COVID on scouting and the cloud of the BSA bankruptcy have taken a toll on unit morale in the Bay-Lakes Council.  Leaders are facing many challenges. Units are struggling to meet and provide the scouting program to youth. It is important for us to understand who needs help and also to make sure everyone feels connected as a Scouting family. I believe that, as Council Commissioner, I have a duty to understand how units are doing and be in a position to provide them with any help that they might need.


Traditionally, that is done solely through the Commissioner team of Unit and District Commissioners.  They have a lot on their plates right now – chartering renewal, membership, and youth protection are all going to require extra work this year.

However, unusual times call for unusual measures. I am going to make an unusual request.

I am looking to create an “auxiliary” of Bay-Lakes Council volunteers to help the Commissioner team by contacting and checking on units on a regular basis. Volunteers might be former Commissioners, Scout or Cub Leaders, Committee members, Wood Badgers or anyone else who has a love for Scouting and who would be willing to serve. Opportunities that may be identified as a result of these contacts would be turned over to the Commissioner team for further work.

I am just looking for help to stay in touch, I don’t want units to feel out there and alone.  

My goal is to utilize this auxiliary over the next six months to a year, enough time to get us through this unsettled period. I am willing to take whatever time or energy you are willing to offer.

If you are interested in serving, please contact me directly at rlapean@new.rr.com or (920) 434-1992. Thank you for offering to help.

Roy LaPean

Council Commissioner

Remember, Clyde is your go-to sources for all your commissioner questions. Send him a note at 

For those who took the Youth Protection Training 2 years ago as a part of the rechartering process, your expiration date is approaching quickly. If you do not have your Youth Protection Training updated, your charter will bounce back and will not be able to be processed until that is taken care of.  My.Scouting.org is where you can find all of the details you need for your training. Contact your unit leader or your district professional team member if you have any questions.