The Charter renewal process has officially begun! Please visit the Internet Charter Renewal resource page for detailed instructions and helpful resources about the best methods for completing your unit’s renewal. On October 7, a virtual training session was hosted by Assistant Council Commissioner, Dave Bainbridge, where the best tips and tricks for a successful renewal were shared. The virtual training session and slide presentation are available to everyone on the Internet Charter Renewal resource page.


Earlier this month, the Unit Leader (Cubmaster/Scoutmaster/Crew Advisor, Skipper) and Committee Chairperson for each unit were sent an e-mail message that contains this year’s Unit Access Code. Each unit is assigned a new Access Code annually and must log into the online Charter Renewal site as a First Time User to begin their online charter renewal process.

Before logging into the online system, it is important to review the Pre-Planning Steps:

  1. Print your Charter Renewal Guidebook
  2. Assign Charter Renewal duties
  3. Complete Unit Membership Inventory

Completing these initial steps creates the framework for your charter renewal roster and will greatly assist the Charter Renewal Processor during the online portion of the renewal.  

If your unit has any questions regarding this process, please contact the Council Service Center at (920) 734-5705 for assistance or reach out to your Unit Commissioner.