The Guide Council Newsletter: October 30, 2020

From the Council President

It’s time to celebrate!  The Bay Lakes Council has satisfied the requirements of our Conditional Charter!  At Wednesday’s Executive Board meeting, we were presented with our regular Charter by our Area 1 Key Three. This was the result of a tremendous amount of focused attention by our Council Staff, Board, and Volunteers.

The Area Key 3 acknowledged progress, structure, and clear plans across all aspects of Council operations: Membership. Finance, Program, Unit Service, and Governance.  As we celebrate, we must also acknowledge this Charter represents a starting point, not a destination. It says we now have the foundations in place to return to prominence in our Area and Region.

Previously, the BLC consistently scored Gold or Silver in our Journey to Excellence results. That is an indication of dedicated volunteers, across all Districts, delivering the promise of Scouting at the Unit and District levels, supported by a strong Council organization. You made that happen!

Even before the pandemic hit, there were clear signs that society was changing, families were changing, and needs were changing. Time tested methods of the past were no longer producing the results we desired.  Now, throw in a global pandemic, national bankruptcy, and abuse lawsuit! If we are to continue to be the prominent youth serving organization in the nation by delivering the Mission of Scouting, we need to challenge ourselves. Challenge ourselves to supplement our current methods to attract and retain youth with new ideas, new methods, and new approaches.  Many of you have already started by using creative methods to connect with your members to keep them engaged. It is a struggle, but so vitally important.

As a Board, we have also started that process, with a focus on anchoring to the Mission. We don’t know what Scouting will look like a few years down the road. We do know that strong values, moral and ethical character, and leadership skills will always hold their place. We must continue to put ourselves in the best position to deliver them, to as many young people as possible.  Thank you for being a part of this journey!

From the Council Commissioner

I had the opportunity to stop in at Gardner Dam Camp over the weekend. While there, I met some of the leaders of Troop 2 in Appleton. Temperatures were in the 30s and everyone was bundled up against what would prove to be an unseasonably cold day.

What stood out to me were the big smiles on the leader’s faces as they talked about the ways that Scouts were dealing with the cold and having a good time in spite of it. That good cheer, in the face of less than comfortable conditions, is what the Scouts who were there, will remember. Setting an example with a positive attitude, that’s leadership.

Many units are having a difficult time doing what normally should be an easy thing – conducting Scout meetings and activities. The Covid-19 pandemic has sure complicated that. Keep smiling.  Keep trying. Be creative.  Ask for help.  Let’s get through this.  Scouts will remember the example that you, as their leader, set.

Remember, Clyde is your go-to sources for all your commissioner questions. Send him a note at BAYLAKESCOMMISSIONERHELP@GMAIL.COM.

In-Person Scouting Events and COVID-19

The pandemic situation within Bay-Lakes Council continues to develop and change. Most of the counties within the council are seeing high COVID-19 activity levels. We ask that all Scout unit volunteers review their county’s guidelines before holding in-person meetings and/or events. Many counties are asking that gatherings to be limited to 10 or fewer individuals, physical distance should be maintained, and face coverings be worn. Units are encouraged to hold virtual meetings at this time.

Between now and the end of the year, all district roundtables will be virtual. In addition, the council will not be adding any district, council, or Order of the Arrow in-person events to the calendar.

You can read the full statement here. For additional COVID related resources follow this link.

Scout Shop News: Store Hours to Change

As of November 1st the Appleton Scout Shop will observe the following hours of operation:

MON/TU:    10:00 AM-6:00 PM
WED:            CLOSED
TH/FRI:       10:00 AM-6:00 PM
SAT:              10:00 AM-2:00 PM
SUN:             CLOSED

The store will also be closed weekdays from 1:30PM-2:00 PM for lunch.

Looking ahead, the store will be closed Thursday, November 26 & Friday, November 27 in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday.

NOTICE: Bay-Lakes Scout Shop customers are asked to maintain social distancing and wear face coverings while shopping.  Due to the ongoing pandemic and local health ordinances, the number of customers allowed in the store at one time may be limited.  If you can’t visit the Scout Shops, you can always shop online at or use the store locator feature for unfirming and program materials

Looking ahead, the  Bay-Lakes Council and Appleton Scout Shop will be closed November 26-27 in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday.
Did You Know: You can purchase any of the 600 Cub Scout and Scouts BSA Advancement related products or Uniform options online and have the order gathered, bagged, and available for in-store pick up, contactless curbside delivery, or shipped directly to you. Check it out here.

Museum News: October 30, 2020 Guide

As 2021 approaches we move closer to a yearlong celebration of 100 years of Scouting in Bay-Lakes Council. The Museum Committee seeks to preserve the history of Bay-Lakes Council, as well as the history of former councils who have merged to form our current Bay-Lakes Council. One of these former councils is the Badger Council and a brief look at their history follows.
Scouting, in what was the Badger Council area, was started in individual institutions chartered directly by the National Council. As early as 1914, Scouting came to the southern counties of our council. The first troop of record was sponsored by St. Paul’s Cathedral in Fond du Lac.
In 1919, the permanent organization of a first-class council was completed with F. A. Johnson as president; Frank D. Candlish, secretary; W. I. Cole, treasurer; and Franki Yordy, as Scout Executive. This council included Fond du Lac and Dodge Counties. In 1927, Washington County was added to the Badger Council.
At the annual meeting in February of 1928, Dr. S. E. Gavin accepted the presidency of the council. Following him in these early years were George F. Hutter and Louis P. Peeke. During this period, Cubbing and Sea Scouting entered the council program. Many Scouting groups from the area from 1920 on used Camp Shaginappi, near Pipe Wisconsin on Lake Winnebago. The decade of the 30’s saw great growth in activities, boy membership and volunteer leadership. The first Silver Beaver medals were awarded in 1933.In 1937, Badger Council sent 39 boys and 3 leaders to the first Jamboree. The second National Jamboree was held at Valley Forge in 1950 and opened a new decade of progress for Badger Council.
As late as 1910, there were no buildings on the present site of Camp Shaginappi, which is now a county park, available to Scouting units. In the early part of the century, a carriage path along the lake from County Truck HH to the “Point” was a popular Sunday drive for the people of the area. Calumet Harbor had already been long in use as a boat harbor, though until the Menasha dam was built in 1870 low water sometimes made it difficult.
Leaders of the budding Scout movement in Fond du Lac recognized the beauty of the historic peninsula. The Fond du Lac Rotary Club organized Rotary Campsite on behalf of the Scout council. The camp was then 13 acres. The name was changed to Camp Shaginappi much later (Shaginappi is an Algonquin word meaning buckskin thong).A gift from the Giddings and Lewis Foundation in 1954, increased the area to 100-odd acres along Pipe Creek. The camp probably takes in all of the old Indian village of Calumet, except possibly for the lake frontage occupied by cottages north of what was the camp.
In 1961, the Sadoff Foundation provided a new Scout Service Center for the council in memory of Howard Sadoff. This building was at 625 Fond du Lac Avenue and helped Scouting in Fond du Lac, Dodge, and Washington Counties to grow to even greater heights. Then in 1964, Badger Council boys and leaders trooped off for the sixth Jamboree on the very ground in which Washington and his troops spent a bitter winter. This period of council history saw changes in Cubbing, Scouting and Explorer programs and uniforms.
Then came a time under the presidencies of Dr. Howard Bayley, Allan Kieckhafer, James Peterson, and Dr. W. E. Myers that the council experienced a new and dynamic growth. During those years, Camp Wilderness was acquired, because Lake Winnebago was too polluted to go swimming. Major projects were “Scouting Rounds a Guy Out,” “Boypower ’76,” a renewed sustaining membership project, a long-range plan for the council, a stressing of the trust fund program and finally – a year’s study of the consolidation and merger proposal councils to the east and north.
As of June 31, 1973, Badger Council closed its proud history and joined forces with Oshkosh, Menasha, Green Bay, Manitowoc and Sheboygan and their council regions to form the new Bay-Lakes Council. After the merger, the Bay-Lakes Council decided to return Camp Shaginappi to the Fond du Lac Rotary for a variety of reasons.
The Museum Committee will be meeting, via Zoom, on November 17, from 6:30–8:00 PM CST. Please contact Dale Opgenorth at for more details.
Consider joining the Museum Association, details for joining us can be found here.

Eagle Scout Spotlight

By the end of last week (Oct. 23), 194 Scouts completed their Eagle Board of Review. In the last issue of The Guide, we highlighted two members of the First Female Eagle Class in Bay-Lakes Council. Today, we would like to highlight other Scouts who have reached this prestigious rank.
Sam Kurten from Troop 830 out of Cedarburg, WI, in the Kettle Country District, successfully completed his Board of Review on June 30, 2020. He was honored in a ceremony on Sunday, October 25. For his project, Sam built flag stands for storing the flags of the Cedarburg American Legion Post. His Scoutmaster is Andrew Risch.
Logan Adam from Troop 510 in Iron Mountain, WI, our of the Hiawathaland District, successfully completed his Board of Review on October 4, 2020.For his project, Logan directed the backyard clean-up (including stump clearance and fence painting) and storage building for their local community’s domestic abuse shelter. His Scoutmaster is Michael Adam.
Do you have a story to share? Submit it online or submit your story here.

Lakeshore District Collects 1,000 Pounds of Food

This October, Bay-Lakes Council’s Lakeshore District collected over 1,000 pounds of food for their local pantries. Scouts from Sheboygan, Manitowoc and Calumet counties organized a Scouting for Food Drive-Thru event, where they collected food in the parking lots of Sheboygan and Manitowoc’s Festival Foods. Additional collection events are in the works. Read more about their effort in the press release.

Religious Emblems Training Set

“A Scout is Reverent” is the twelfth point of the Scout Law. Scouting offers a robust religious emblems program through its partners. Counselors are always needed to assist Scouts as they explore their religious faith.

The annual Religious Emblems Training will be held on Thursday, November 19, from 6:30-8:00 PM CST via Zoom and requires pre-registration to attend. Visit the registration site for and additional information.

Contact Chris Brandt at if you have any questions.

STEM Challenges Continue

The STEM Challenge program continues! “How did you do with the Marble Run?” Share your STEM stories and successes with us today.

Challenge 4 will be released on November 2. A new challenge is released every 3 weeks and 1 day at 4:00 PM from now until “Just Shy of Pi Day” (3.13.2021), when we will announce our winners live on social media! You won’t want to miss out on the STEMtastic fun! Visit our Facebook page for all the details.

A total of 9 challenges will be offered for all youth ranks. Plus, the Super-Show Off category is open to anyone under the age of 21 with extra weight awarded for showmanship and drama. If you have any questions, contact Amanda Tuttle at

Watch the STEM Challenge video demonstrations and register to participate today!

Summer Camp News

Review: Camp Rokilio
Many of us, at least north of Wisconsin Highway 23, have experienced the end of the growing season and perhaps more than one bout of snow. But our minds stay focused on the summer camp experience and how to improve it.  Here is a look back on some comments received from campers at Camp Rokilio:
“Check-in was smooth. We enjoyed the campfires. I loved the skits and songs. The boys loved the staff, fun and loud, high energy levels full of excitement. Kept the Scouts focused. All the advancement. Liked BB guns, archery and swimming the most. Extra staffer time with individual Scouts when needed. Office staff quickly handle issues. We felt very safe all the time. Very pleased with precautions, including the handwashing stations. Food was amazing. Nice job with the gluten allergies. Confidence course was great. Loved playing nine-square and rotating skits and songs from staff. Hunting for frogs. Enjoyed spending time with my son. Daughter felt welcome. I liked the two-night option. Good first experience.”
“It would be helpful if there were alternates at meals, like jelly sandwiches for Scouts who do not like the main meal. More cookies and catsup. Missed the dining hall but understand why. Grab-and-go breakfast and lunch. We missed getting t-shirts and going to other buildings and interacting with other Scouts. More swim time on hot days. Perhaps expand the non-swimmer area. Less time inside the building, but more activities during down time to keep Scouts occupied. There were lots of mosquitoes this year. Wish the weather would have been better. No rain on the bog walk. Slide to the bog and ski lift back up. Bring back the parent BB gun and archery shoots. Maybe buy some new fans. Better building circulation. Perhaps a Harry Potter theme. Consider an 8:30 a.m. check-in to get a full day.”
If you have specific feedback, questions, comments or concerns, or improvement suggestions, send them to

Registration for 2021 is Open!

Be a part of the year-long celebration of 100 years of Scouting in Bay-Lakes Council at summer camp. Prices are reduced for next summer. The 2021 Leader’s Guides are posted and you can find them here.

Make your reservation now and get your preferred campsite or building. To register visit Bay-Lakes Council’s camp website and click on Make a Reservation (Top of page in the grey toolbar). Questions about registration can be sent via email to or call Laura Martin at (920) 734-5705.

The effort continues to reach out to our units to encourage them to register for next year’s summer camp. If you have not yet been contacted, those calls are still being made

Apply for Summer Camp Staff

For as much fun our Scouts and leaders have at summer camp, there is a special camaraderie and satisfaction of being on staff. Applications are being taken for a wide array of positions at all four camps. The process is simple and takes less than three minutes — follow this link to apply. Begin the extra special journey of a lifetime of Scouting. See you there!

Charter Renewal: October 2020 Update

On October 7, 2020, a virtual Charter Renewal Training sessionwas held via Zoom. Thank you to everyone who joined us for the training. If you were unable to join us on the 7th, no worries, the training session and Powerpoint slides are available here.
By today, units should be working through the Pre-Planning phase of the renewal process. Pre-planning includes completing your Unit Membership Inventory, a process where unit leaders are assigned positions and continuing youth members are confirmed. Viewhelpful worksheets to complete your Membership Inventory today.
One of the most crucial steps in the Charter Renewal process is ensuring that all registered leaders have currently completed Youth Protection Training. Unit Key 3 members can view their leaders training status at – Training Manager.  Print your Training Manager Reports today to see who still needs to update their Youth Protection Training.
If any leaders are having trouble logging into, please submit an email ticket to today. Our Council staff members are here and ready to help with password resets and tech support questions.
Visit our Internet Charter Renewal page for more information about the renewal process and additional resources to assist you along the way.  Contact Jennifer Neuville at or your Unit Commissioner with questions about your unit’s renewal.

Kon Wapos Lodge Updates

New Lodge Chief Installed

Thomas Crow was installed as the new Kon Wapos Lodge Chief earlier this month, to succeed Nate Ruggles who was selected at Section C1-B chief last month.

Thomas previously served as vice-chief of program for the lodge. He will oversee the lodge as it conducts the first ever virtual induction of new members next weekend. He is also leading the coordination of the annual lodge leadership development program to be held in December.

Lodge Officer Elections
November 1 is the deadline to submit an application for a lodge leadership position. Elections will be held in the evening on Sunday, November 8. Applicants must be under 21 years of age until Dec. 31, 2021. Term of office is January 1 to December 31, 2021. New officers will immediately begin working with the current officers to plan the Lodge Leadership Development to be held December 4-6. The Lodge Officer positions are: Lodge Chief, Vice Chief-Program, Vice Chief-Inductions, Secretary, Treasurer. If you have questions or would like an application, contact Mike Mailand, Lodge Adviser at
Lodge Leader Development Meeting
The annual Lodge Leader Development Meeting, normally held at Gardner Dam Scout Camp, will be moved to the ZOOM platform for the weekend of Dec. 4-6. More details will be coming.

For complete information follow this link.

Contact the Lodge Adviser, Mike Mailand, if you have any questions by email at

Virtual Ordeal Orientation Meeting

There will be one more Ordeal Candidate Orientation Meeting for parents and candidates on Monday, November 2. It will be an online meeting that will begin at 7:00 PM CST (8:00 PM Eastern). This is an opportunity to learn more about the National Virtual Induction Weekend.
Meeting ID: 891 4532 4398
Passcode: 074010
One tap mobile
+13126266799,,89145324398#,,,,,,0#,,074010# US (Chicago)
Dial by your location
+1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
Meeting ID: 891 4532 4398
Passcode: 074010


Lodge Adviser:  Mike Mailand
National Virtual Induction Weekend & MOMENTUM: Spark

Induction weekend is scheduled for November 6-7. A full schedule of events has been sent to all ordeal candidates. Additionally, the Lodge will host a Zoom “WELCOME” meeting Sunday, November 8. The new ordeal members will meet at 5:30 PM. At 6:00 PM, all lodge members will gather for a special program, election of officers, chapter break-out meetings, online games and fellowship.

Meanwhile, current members can participate in the National MOMENTUM: Spark events on Friday night and all-day Saturday. The National pre-Ordeal ceremony will begin Friday night, 8:00 PM CST (9:00 PM Eastern) On Saturday, national training begins at 9:00 AM CST (10:00 AM Eastern) and the ordeal ceremony at 5:00 PM CST (6:00 PM Eastern), followed by 2.5 hours of national programming. Free to current members. New and current members can register for Premium Delegate status for $15 right here.

Looking Ahead

Given the ever-changing health circumstances and the differences between the regions of the Bay-Lakes Council, events listed here may be cancelled, postponed or moved to a virtual opportunity if possible. Please remember to verify with the event coordinator whether this activity has been postponed or moved to an online presence. You can check all Scouting events on the council calendar.
  • Oct. 31Gathering Waters Pinewood Derby postponed
  • Nov. 1: Fall Popcorn Sale Take Orders Due
  • Nov. 1: NYLT/Wood Badge Reunion Banquet cancelled.
  • Nov. 1: Kon Wapos Lodge Executive Committee Meeting – 3:30 PM CST (4:30 PM Eastern)
  • Nov. 7: Kettle Country Wagon Days – Webelos-Ree cancelled.
  • Nov. 7: Gathering Waters Den Chief Training postponed
  • Nov. 7: Hiawathaland Community Pinewood Derby cancelled
  • Nov. 8: Fall Popcorn Sale Prize Orders Due – Keller, Bonus & Individual Scouts Sales Report
  • Nov. 13: Fall Popcorn Sale Take Orders Distribution
  • Nov. 14: Gathering Waters Webelos Pin Day cancelled
  • Nov. 17: Bay-Lakes Council Museum Meeting, 6:30–8:00 PM CST
  • Nov. 18: Voyageur District Cub Scout Leader Basic Training cancelled
  • Nov. 19: Religious Emblems Training
  • Nov. 20: Virtual Fall Trivia Night
  • Nov. 26-27: The Center for Scouting & Appleton Scout Shop will be closed for Thanksgiving

You can find more events right here. (Hint, in the upper left, click on grid view for easier viewing.)

Final Thoughts…

The Way It Smells Before It Snows

As I was doing some predawn chores outside, the air had that telltale smell in the air – a fresh crisp chill with that certain moisture level. Two of my southern Scout friends question my comment that it smelled like snow, one of who had never heard the phrase. There is a lengthy scientific explanation that a certain nerve gets stimulated when humidity rises and atmospheric pressure changes. The scent of the air subtly changes, plus the cold and pressure change stimulate the “trigeminal” nerve. It sends information that there isn’t the same as scent as a “typical” day. The end result is the human nervous system perceives a difference in the weather that may account for the smell of snow. Sure enough, by day’s end, about one-half inch of snow fell and next morning it still clung to those stubborn leaves still on the trees and the grassy areas. To avoid scraping, I let the Prius warm up.

Did you ever wonder what the “smell of Scouting” would be like? Campfire aromas. Freshness of the woods. Freshly cooked food. (For parents: the scents when the scout opens the backpack after an outing?) Simply the fresh air of being outdoors. We keep hearing that smell is often a reliable trigger that helps recall significant events.

During these times, when we take extra precautions to keep ourselves and scouting safe for everyone, it seems like the “smells of Scouting” are harder to find. Whether we pull ZOMB weeds at the community gardens, or figure out how to support the local food pantry,  our commitment is to keep Scouting. Plenty of leaves still to drop on your lawn, or the neighbor’s lawn. Many service opportunities await, and are COVID-compliant. We need to keep Scouting. And, just maybe, we too might experience that “smell of Scouting”

Till we “meet” again: Scout on! And, be safe and stay healthy!

In the Spirit of Adventure,

Warren Kraft
Bay-Lakes Council Vice President-Program Development
Adventure beyond the Expected


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