We Need You 

​Christmas is nearly upon us! This is a time of caring and expectation. To those who have suffered during these trying times with the loss of a loved one, job, hours, or struggles with illness, our heart goes out to you. With vaccines now in distribution, we pray the future will be brighter. As we look to our Scouting future, the same holds true. With difficulties in being able to meet, camping concerns, and overall financial struggles, it’s been a tough year for the Council. Many thanks to those who have worked so diligently to make the best of this situation.  

The mission of Scouting is as relevant today as it has ever been. The values and leadership skills we teach are critical in today’s world. We must carry on and continue to strive to be the top youth serving organization in the area. What can we do? The first thing is to stay safe and healthy.  


Thank your healthcare professionals and first responders. Reach out to those who are struggling. Many of you are already doing this. Looking further ahead, our efforts to reach more youth are critical. Membership is the lifeblood of our future.  
You will see local marketing efforts to get positive Scouting stories in front of families. We must be ready to invite any and all youth to join us. If you have creative ideas to do this, share them at Roundtables. Make every effort to keep those current Scouts who are wavering.  
The next is to maximize the use of our resources-our camps. We will finish the year with a financial loss and expect next year to be a struggle, as well, as the area gets back to “normal.”  Simply making sure your unit attends a Council camp is an easy way to help. Even with the pandemic, considerable effort was extended to improve the facility and program issues you told us about. Feedback from those who did attend camp, was very good. Those efforts will continue for this coming year. If you’re thinking of camping out of Council, please reconsider. We need you!
Thank you for being part of this great organization and for all you have done to continue the mission. The opportunity to make an even larger impact is in our hands. Let’s do it!    
If you have questions, or would like the opportunity to help even more,  by serving on one of our teams,  just send an email to rgoldhahn@aol.com.
Rod Goldhahn
Council President