The Silver Beaver is the highest form of recognition that can be given at the Council level.

This distinguished service award is presented to individuals whose hard work, self-sacrifice and dedication to Scouting and to their community are beyond exception.


The Bay-Lakes Council is proudly celebrating 28 individuals who have been selected to receive the Silver Beaver.  Why so many this year?   Because of the pandemic, we had limited opportunities to present the award to 11 individuals who made up the 2019 Silver Beaver Class. So, we are going to do something a little different and celebrate the accomplishments of both the 2019 and 2020 Silver Beaver Classes together.  The celebrations are taking place in a variety of ways; District dinners, camporees, Facebook and other venues.  Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate!

I would expect that if you had an opportunity to congratulate and thank one of these awardees for all they do for Scouting, they’d give you an “aw shucks” look and tell you that they wouldn’t be receiving the award if it weren’t for the support and help of spouses, families, Scouts, leaders and Scouting professionals.  That is so true.  When we celebrate a person selected to  receive the Silver Beaver, we are really celebrating the efforts of many people who helped them along the way.

So, go to the District dinners, stop by at a camporee ceremony or take the time to comment on Facebook.  Tell these folks how much you appreciate their efforts and congratulate them for the many hours they have devoted to the Scouts of Bay-Lakes Council.  Celebrate them and all the volunteers and professionals of our Council!

Roy LaPean

Council Commissioner

 “Commissioners – useful, not ornamental!”

Any questions? Send them along to BAYLAKESCOMMISSIONERHELP@GMAIL.COM