Happy Volunteer week! This is a week made for Scouting. From unit leaders who give their free time to camp or conduct an activity, to committee members who keep the machine financed and running smoothly, to commissioners who tie resources to needs, to the parent who may be unable to commit to a full role, but is there to drive or to help when called upon. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things to help our young men and women experience new horizons and learn skills and values that will guide them for the rest of their lives.  <Continued>

There are two current activities that showcase selfless volunteering. The first is the just completed “Scouting for Food” drive.  For many pantries, this is the single largest source of food supplies to complete their annual missions.  Seeing the pickups, trailers, and back seats piled high with food bags means scores of people will not have to worry where their next meal will come from.  It also reinforces a clear message to our Scouts about giving of their time to serve others. They learn it as a youth, they practice it as an adult. 

The second is the recognition ceremonies for our Silver Beaver recipients for this year and last. That award epitomizes volunteer service to others. Folks receiving this award have shown a long-term commitment to service. A commitment that is recognized and acknowledged by their peers.

Congratulations to all the recipients, and a huge THANK YOU to them and to all the rest of our Scouting family who keep the movement alive.