Below are some of the key elements for this fall’s plan to grow and sustain Scouting in Bay-Lakes Council:

  • A substantial marketing and media effort.
  • Den Leader Fast Start Kits developed by the Council Commissioner Corps.
  • School access forecasting and relationship building.
  • Targeted New/Returning Pack start up efforts.
  • Targeting areas with high concentrations of unserved youth.
  • 3 different Recruitment Event models to best serve unit needs.
  • Incentive programs at the Council, District, Unit, and Individual levels.



  • Reach out to your District Executive, Fall Recruitment Chair, or the Council Service Center and offer your help.   We need all hands, on deck for the future of Scouting!


  • Complete your unit’s 2021/2022 program calendar. You will not be able to sell the current generation of parents on joining Scouting without a great program calendar.
  • Recruit a New Member Coordinator. Consider recruiting a high energy millennial mom to speak to the folks that handle these decisions in most households. We will train them.
  • Plan on attending your District’s Fall Recruitment Kickoff in August or late July.

Troops and Crews:

  • Help with your local pack’s recruitment event…you entertain the youth while they sell the parents.
  • Hold your own recruitment:  Let’s reach up to grade 7 this year!
  • Recruit a few volunteers to help your local Pack long term. The Pack’s health is the Troop’s future.