Scouting’s annual recharter process has now kicked off. Rechartering is the annual process for units to update their rosters and pay their membership fees to the National Council.  New this year is Internet Rechartering 2.0 – an updated tool for you to use for this process. The process has been streamlined so that all forms and information can now be submitted online or digitally – access codes are no longer necessary and no more forms to turn in!
Where Do I Go If I Need Help?

2.     Internet Recharter resource page of Bay-Lakes Council web site.
3.     Contact your Unit Commissioner or District Commissioner.
4.     Send an email to “Commissioner Clyde” at  Clyde constantly monitors his mailbox and will get back to you quickly with an answer to your recharter question.
5.     Council Virtual Help Sessions:  Commissioners will host virtual help sessions on Thursday, November 18 and Tuesday, November 30.  Call in to get your questions answered and help getting “unstuck”. 
6.     All Recharters are due by the end of December.

A Few Helpful Tips

1.     Internet Recharter 2.0 works best with Google Chrome as your internet browser.
2.     Fix any Youth Protection Training or Criminal Background Check form warnings in the Validation step before you submit your recharter application.  Your charter can’t be posted until all defects are fixed.
3.     Let your District Executive know if you need a paper recharter application form because you don’t have reliable internet service.