As commissioners, we are also taking some time this year to rebuild our team. We want to ensure that the level of service we provide to the units and volunteers of our Council is the best that it can be. We have added three new Assistant Council Commissioners already to increase our focus on the key areas of Cub Scouting, Commissioner Development and Rechartering. We are actively looking to add Unit Commissioners in all our Districts. Unit Commissioners are so crucial to the success of our units. 

So, who can be a commissioner? The simple answer is “Just about anyone!”

A person does not have to be a bottomless well of Scouting knowledge, nor do they have to have been a long-serving Scout leader to be a successful and valued commissioner. We can train you in Scouting. A general understanding of Scouting, a strong belief in the ideals Scouting represents, coupled with a willingness to learn are enough to get you off to a good start. Good commissioners genuinely care about people and want to see others be successful. They are enthusiastic and capable of inspiring confidence and building morale in unit adults.

A good commissioner is diplomatic and can work with a wide range of people. They are respectful of the things that make each of us unique – our personalities as well as our cultural and social differences. They have HEART! They can take people as they find them and work with them to the benefit of the Scouts.  Honesty, persistence, patience and flexibility are also great attributes for a commissioner.

Commissioners represent the Boy Scouts of America at the unit level. They serve as a friend to the unit. They can act as a doctor, helping to diagnose small problems before they become bigger issues. They are teachers and coaches. What person wouldn’t want a role like this?

So, you see there’s nothing unique to being a commissioner. It is all about being of service to others. There is nothing like the feeling of knowing that you made a difference. If you are interested in being active as a commissioner serving the Bay-Lakes Council, please contact your District Commissioner or give me a call. We’d be happy to hear from you!

Roy LaPean
Council Commissioner
(920) 434-1992

Be the Heart!  Build Relationships!  Change Lives!