Join us in congratulating these recent Bay-Lakes Council Eagle Scouts:

Elijah Eisen, Troop 1 of Appleton, WI, Gathering Water District
Austin Faeth, Troop 9 of Appleton, WI, Gathering Waters District
Riley Frenzel, Troop 1033 of Suamico, WI, Voyageur District
Mark Richey, Troop 2 of Appleton, WI, Gathering Waters District
Liam Walls, Troop 840 of Grafton, WI, Kettle Country District

Elijah (Eli) Eisen, a member of Troop 1, from St. Mary Catholic Church in Appleton, WI, completed his Eagle Board of Review on April 18, 2022.

His project constructed a deer fence for the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, Fox Cities campus in Menasha, WI. In his words, “The community garden was complaining that deer were jumping over their small fence and eating all of their crops. My project was clearing surrounding bushes, shrubs, and other plants that surround the old fencing so we could place the new one. My troop patched a ditch so we could expand the community gardens, and lastly, we built the fence. Luckily, we got a hold of a professional company that makes deer fences — called Deerbusters. They are located out of Waynesboro, PA. Fortunately, we had enough donations to purchase the fencing and help from Stronghold Fencing & Construction. I just wanted to give a quick shout-out to my Scoutmaster, Matthew Saindon, and a shout-out to Rose Marie Lewis, for introducing my Eagle Scout Project to me.”

His Eagle Scout Court of Honor was held April 20, 2022.

Austin Faeth, a member of Troop 9 from St. Pius Catholic Church of Appleton, WI, completed his Eagle Board of Review on April 21, 2022.

Austin completed a landscaping project at St. Francis Xavier Middle School in Appleton, WI. In his words, “The project goal was to promote St. Francis Xavier Middle School by improving the aesthetics at the main entrance. Overgrown bushes and plants were removed. New plants and trees, along with mulch, were installed.”

Austin would like to thank his troop members, leaders, and volunteers for helping him achieve the Eagle Award. He would also like to thank Mr. Bires and Mr. Linsmeier of Xavier Middle School for their guidance and assistance. His unit leader is Mr. Pfaff and Assistant Unit Leader is Mr. Carney.  Austin plans to have his Eagle Court of Honor later this year.

Riley Frenzel, a member of Troop 1033 in Suamico, WI, completed his Eagle Board of Review was completed on April 12, 2022.

He built a kayak rack for Fireman’s Park on the Suamico River in Suamico. In his words, “This is a public park with two kayak launches, and it gets quite busy and backed up during the summer. I thought of the idea of building and placing the kayak rack at this location so that people can have a place to set their kayaks or SUP while they are waiting to use the launch. I built the rack at my house with the help of 11 other Scouts/volunteers. We then transported the rack to the location and finished the install including staining the cedar and mulching the area.”

His unit leader is Rory Arndt and his Eagle coach is Bill Heier. Riley plans his Eagle Court of Honor this summer.

Mark Richey, a member of Troop 2, in Appleton, WI, completed his Eagle Board of Review on February 17, 2022.

For his project, he led a team of volunteers to erect mile markers around the Lime Kiln Trail in High Cliff State Park, outside of Sherwood. This will help emergency responders to locate hikers who are in danger much faster.

In his words, “The hikers will now be able to see the nearest mile marker and tell the emergency responders where they are within 0.1 miles of accuracy. I used a group of Scouts from my own troop (about 20 or so over the course of the entire project) with many Scouts pitching in on multiple occasions. I could not have done my project without their help and without their expertise, as I realized that I did not know too much about putting signs up into trees (such as what type of screws to use and the idea of using PVC rather than wood). My Unit Leader is Ron Litsheim and he was a great inspiration, as well as a great help with the project, often offering me the guidance and tools I needed to achieve success on my way to earning my Eagle.”

Mark’s Eagle Court of Honor is scheduled for June 11, 2022.

Liam Walls, a member of Troop 840, of Grafton, WI, completed his Eagle Board of Review on April 20, 2022.

“My project was a series of presentations to raise awareness and acceptance of Autism and Neurodiversity in the Grafton School District. I had three guest speakers and myself discuss experiences about autism they have encountered. I did one presentation at the high school and did video presentations for middle and elementary schools.”

His unit leader is Greg Matthews. Liam’s Eagle Court of Honor is scheduled for June 11, 2022.

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