Bay-Lakes Council is poised to end the year with membership growth, as individual Packs, Troops, and Crews have retained more youth than usual and are ahead of the game in preparing for a great Fall Recruitment season. Under the leadership of Fall Recruitment Chair, Jay Van Zeeland, districts have already kicked off their campaign at their Program Kick-offs in May. The 2022 Fall Recruitment campaign features quite a few improvements, and new programs to help your unit bring your life changing program to more local youth.

Changes and improvements include:

  • Earlier planning to take better advantage of “Back to School” parent meetings in August.
  • Bring a Friend, and Try Scouting recruitment support ideal for Troop and Crew recruiting campaigns, and supplemental Pack recruiting.
  • New, Yard Signs, Posters, and Post Cards already on hand.
  • Incentive program featuring free Leader Training for units that hit their membership goals.

What can your unit do now to prepare to welcome more new families this fall?

  • Check out the Council Fall Recruitment plan links below.
  • Follow the instructions to contact your District Professional and local School Principal to establish your Fall Recruitment date before school lets out for summer.
  • Obtain your school’s Parent Orientation or Welcome Back to School Night in August, to promote your Recruitment event there, as well.