Join us in congratulating these recent Bay-Lakes Council Eagle Scouts:

Isaac Manning, Troop 1043 of De Pere, WI, Voyageur District
Miles Wiegand, Troop 1477 of Pulaski, WI, Voyageur District
Isaac Wieland, Troop 831 of Kohler, WI, Lakeshore District

Isaac Manning is a member of Troop 1043, chartered by the Optimist Club out of De Pere, WI. Isaac completed his Eagle Board of Review on July 12, 2022.

His Eagle project, in his own words: “I produced six educational videos for the National Railroad Museum in Green Bay, WI.  I also designed signs containing QR codes that link to each video. They are installed next to the corresponding train exhibit. I wanted to give people a new way to learn about the trains that did not require reading. My troop helped me build the sign stands and install the signs at the museum. I also had help from my family, the Railroad Museum staff and Lashbro Productions.”

His unit leader is Brian Olsen. A Court of Honor is scheduled for October 9, 2022.

Miles Wiegand is a member of Troop 1477 chartered by Peace Lutheran Church out of Green Bay, WI. Miles completed his Eagle Board of Review on July 12, 2022.

His Eagle project, in his own words: “For my Eagle Scout project, I installed an outdoor worship area for the Green Bay Community Church. This worship area will be used by church groups to spend some time outside. The project consists of a wood storage shed, 6 benches and a fire ring. I had a lot of help from my troop during the build days and my family helped with planning.”

His unit leader is Jeffrey Gosse. A Court of Honor is planned for August 21, 2022.

Isaac Wieland is a member of Troop 831, chartered by Kohler Police Athletic League out of Kohler, WI. He completed his Eagle Board of Review on July 7, 2022.

In his own words, he describes his Eagle Project: “The purpose of my project was to honor the fallen veterans of Greenlawn Cemetery, which is in Kohler. The project was executed in preparation of Memorial Day. In order to do this project, I made digital versions of the preexisting paper lists(of veterans). The problem that was occurring was that the paper lists were filled with incorrect and not updated information, which made it impossible to maintain. I organized packets that contained maps, the sections of the cemetery, and other useful information for the volunteers to use. In my project, we discovered that about 158 flag holders were needed at the cemetery. That means that there were 158 veterans that potentially wouldn’t have gotten flags for Memorial Day. I also wanted to create a template that could be used on many cemeteries beyond this one. The project had over 230 hours of volunteer help, which doesn’t include the time that my family put into it.”

Isaac’s unit leader is Scott Wieland. A Court of Honor is anticipated this fall.

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