Happy First Day of September!

A couple quick reminders:

  1. You can now sign up for as many Storefront sign-ups as you’d like (Pick n Save, Festival Foods, and Cabelas) on our popcorn website (www.baylakesbsa.org/popcorn).
  2. Are your Scouts signed up for online sales? Here is the tutorial on how to get them signed up: https://pecatonicariverpopcorn.com/Tutorial_SellerIDs.html.
  3. Is your unit signed up for the “prize” option or “no prize” option? Be sure to look at the Commission Matrix on the Pecatonica River website to make sure you’ve selected the correct option for your unit.

Please let me, Nikki, or your district popcorn team know if you have any questions or if there’s anything we can do to help your sale! And as always, make sure you have our popcorn webpage book marked for all your popcorn resources: https://baylakesbsa.org/popcorn/.

Have a great weekend!

Kallee Kissling