We are closing in on the end of the sale – which can only mean 1 thing…. PRIZE TIME! Below is a breakdown of all the information you need to know for prizes, please read carefully. It is a lot of information, and you do not want to miss out on prizes for your Scouts.


You must enter information in at least 2 places –

  1. Patches: To order patches for your Scouts that qualified, visit the Keller Prize Program link here:
  2. Individual Scout Sales Report: To have your Scouts qualify, be recognized and/or receive information regarding the All Star (sports tickets) or Top Seller (Movie gift card), you must enter all your Scouts sales here: Individual Scout Sales Report
  3. Winner’s Circle: If you had a Scout qualify for the Winner Circle (selling at least $3,000) – you must make those prize selection through the site. Here are the detailed instructions on how to do so: How to Enter Winner Circle Prize Selection.. Remember this year – a Scout receives a Winner Circle prize for EVERY $3,000 in sales!
  4. Unit Bonus Commission: ( If your unit qualifies for the unit bonus prize, you will receive an email with instructions on how to use the Free Leader(s) or discount to one of the BLC Camp properties by December 15th.
  5. Sports Tickets: For those Scouts who have earned the bonus prizes, keep an eye out for how to obtain sports tickets. Links to the tickets will be sent to the kernel and then you can pass them along to the qualifying Scouts. This gives the families the opportunity to purchase additional tickets if necessary.

UNITS THAT CHOOSE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE KELLER PRIZE PROGRAM (instead of receiving additional bonus commission) – Due November 5!

  1. You must enter your Scouts prize selection here: . These prizes will ship direct to the Unit Kernel, or whatever contact you put in.

Did you miss ordering a product?

Late orders in the Pecatonica River system are now open! Deadline for submitting late orders is November 26. That product will be delivered around December 8.

Don’t forget the first payment will be deducted from your account on November 17. This is for show and sell product only: this includes Show and Sell pick-up, any open warehouse pick-ups, any unit-to-unit transfers and of course any returns are deducted. For other important dates, check out the calendar here: We will let you know when your invoices are ready to view in Pecatonica.

Thank you all for yet another successful popcorn year!