Join us in congratulating these recent Bay-Lakes Council Eagle Scouts:

Braden Baken, Troop 830, Cedarburg, WI, Kettle Country District

Emma Johnson, Troop 1401, Green Bay, WI, Voyageur District

John C. Marsh, Troop 105, Sault Saint Marie, MI, Hiawathaland District

Mark Reinke, Troop 634, Waupaca, WI, Twin Lakes District

Keefer Stapleton, Troop 623, Omro, WI, Twin Lakes District

Braden Baken is a member of Troop 830, chartered by the Cedarburg Lions Club in Cedarburg, WI. He completed his Eagle Board of Review on January 24, 2024.

His project, in his own words:

“My project was building on to existing docks in Adlai Horn Park in downtown Cedarburg Wisconsin by adding railings, fishing pole holders, and dirt/spreading seed to make the terrain more accessible for handicapped and disabled people. This will benefit the community by being safer for children, disabled, and elderly people who have a higher chance of falling while outdoors. This project could help reduce the risk of someone accidentally falling off of the dock and getting hurt, or worse. This project benefited the city of Cedarburg, and I worked with American Legion Post 288 out of Cedarburg Wisconsin.”

His unit leader is Evan Bray. Braden’s Eagle Court of Honor is yet to be scheduled.

Emma Johnson is a member of Troop 1401, chartered by the Baird Elementary School PTO in Green Bay, WI. She completed her Eagle Board of Review on February 13, 2024.

Her project, in her own words, was to “provide reading material for the House of Hope, which supports young women ages 17-24 experiencing homelessness while parenting their children. The organization had some books oriented towards younger children, therefore Emma’s project focused on the need for intermediate level and young adult books. In addition to collecting and sorting over 200 books, she also led a group of scouts from her unit in constructing three bookshelves to hold the books. Enough books were collected that those currently on the shelves can be rotated out with ones in storage. The shelves were needed to replace worn furniture and were equipped with safety anchors in one children’s play area.”

Her unit leader is Cheryl Kremer. Emma’s Court of Honor is scheduled for mid-to-late April.

John C. Marsh is a member of Troop 105, chartered by United Presbyterian. Church in Sault Saint Marie, MI. He ompleted his Eagle Board of Review on January 30. 2024.

In his own words: “For my Eagle Scout Project, I constructed 2 garden style benches and 2 team style benches for the Dafter Township basketball court. I constructed the benches with the help from Scouts from my troop, and my family and friends. I decided upon this project because the township basketball court had nowhere for anyone to sit. So I talked to township board and got their approval. I then constructed and presented the benches to the Dafter board so that parents and children from the local community would have a place to sit and rest when playing at the basketball court.”

His unit leader is Dave Pine. John’s Eagle Court of Honor will be schedule this spring.

Mark Reinke is a member of Troop 634, chartered by Trinity Lutheran Church in Waupaca, WI. He completed his Eagle Board of Review on February 18, 2024.

In his own words, “My Eagle Scout project was a Gaga Ball Pit at Swan Park in Waupaca. I have always enjoyed the game of Gaga Ball whether it be at Scout Camp, at Pine Lake Summer Camp, or with cousins over Covid as a safe game to play while camping. This game made up a lot of my childhood which is why I wanted to get one in the Waupaca area. After working with Laura Colbert the Waupaca Parks and Recreation Director, a location at Swan Park was decided. I am very happy on how the pit turned out and I can’t wait for it to get its first full season of use this coming summer.” The accompanying picture is from a “Learn to Play” day held for young people who are unfamiliar with Gaga Ball. His unit leader is Nicolas Reinke.

Mark’s Eagle Court of Honor is scheduled for this weekend, March 16, 2024.

Keefer Stapleton is a member of Troop 623, chartered by Future Omro in Omro, WI. He completed his Eagle Board of Review on February 6, 2024.

For his Eagle project, in his own words:

“My project consisted of cleaning up the courtyard of my church and converting it into a prayer garden. The courtyard was weeded, leveled out, and two raised garden beds, two leopold benches, and one picnic table were all built and put into the courtyard.”

His unit leader is David Bruss. Keefer’s Eagle Court of Honor is scheduled for May 4, 2024.

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