Monday, June 22 – Monday, June 29 — #knots #knotsbringustogether #games #togetherness

Knots are tools to help people solve problems…whether it is today or tomorrow. Games bring us together and help solve problems as well…so in Scout spirit let’s get our #knots on and get #together to play some family #games!

Make sure you take some photos or videos of your activities and share them via Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram and include #ScoutingAtHome   @BayLakesCouncil @Bay-Lakes Council Scouting @ Home Collaboration

Here are some great ideas that include some ADVANCEMENT opportunities to do with your family!

Lions – “On Your Mark” – Have a family game night. What skills have you learned…make sure to show good sportsmanship. Create an obstacle course at home and complete is as a family.

Tigers — “Tiger Tag” – Get outdoors and play an active game. Create two relay games for your family and complete them. What did they like best about your relay game? Create another game together and complete it!

Wolfs — “Call of the Wild” – Let’s get to know knots! Tie an overhand and square knot. Why are they important and what can they be used for? Learn about different useful Scouting knots or lashing.

Bears — “Bear Necessities” – Demonstrate two half hitches. Research and set up a tent. What knots are used for your scouting adventures? While you are on a Scouting adventure, read a thermometer and barometer, why are these useful for your scouting adventure?

Webelos & Arrow of Light — “Scouting Adventure” – Tie the square knot, two half hitches knot, and taut-line and explain their importance and where you would use them on Scouting adventures. Show how to whip and fuse ends of different ropes.

Scouts BSA Youth & Venturers – Knots and lashing are a general Scout skill that needs to be practices and used on an on-going basis. Demonstrate the square knot, two half-hitches, and taut-line hitch. Then teach someone in your family to do these knots using the EDGE method. Demonstrate the sheet bend knot and bowline knot. Explain how and why you would use these two knots. Then teach someone in your family to do these knots using the EDGE method.