Monday, June 15 – Monday, June 22 — #sportsmanship #beascout #oath #law #scoutskills

A Scout should live the Scout Oath and Law. This includes being a good #sportsmanship and learning #scoutskills. Let’s show how we all can #beascout!

Make sure you take some photos or videos of your activities and share them via Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram and include #ScoutingAtHome   @BayLakesCouncil @Bay-Lakes Council Scouting @ Home Collaboration

Here are some great ideas that include some ADVANCEMENT opportunities to do with your family!

Lions – “Lions Honor” – Let’s do some review or for our new Scouts…let’s show the Cub Scout Sign and tell what it means to you. Repeat the Cub Scout motto and what it means to you. Show the Cub Scout salute and explain what it means to you. Participate in an outing or a game and show good sportsmanship.

Tigers — “Good Knights” – Learn the Scout Law and describe a point of it. Make your own code for your family and share it and why it is so special to you. Create your own personal shield and explain what it means.

Wolfs — “Paws of Skill” – Create your own obstacle course and after using and completing it, talk about what sportsmanship means to you.

Bears — “Grin and Bear It” – Play a challenging game with your family. Create a small outdoor carnival for you and your family, help others with the games, and make awards to present to your family members.

Webelos & Arrow of Light — “Scouting Adventure” – Repeat the Scout Oath, Law, Motto and Slogan. Explain what scout spirit means to you. Demonstrate the sign, salute and handshake. Repeat the Pledge of Allegiance and explain why it is important to you.

Scouts BSA Youth & Venturers – What does a Scout mean to you. Learn more by starting a Merit Badge that might interest you and what you want to do in the future. Create your own scouting experience. Make sure you ask your Scoutmaster for permission and suggestions for merit badge counselors.