From the Scout Executive
Last week, it was fun to see some Scouting families in the Scout Shop looking for badges, books and uniforms. This building just doesn’t feel alive when our Scouts and Scouters aren’t here! Welcome back!
I also had to fill out my application to be a Scouter in the Bay-Lakes Council and was reminded that my youth protection training expires in August. Feels just like yesterday. I took the training, but the reality is that we all need a constant reminder on how important it is to protect children as we go about introducing young people to the Scout Oath and Law.
My Scouting trail started in 1969 in the small town of Mountain Home, Idaho. My mom was my den leader, I got to wear this cool blue suit and I got to build a racecar. Those were fun times, but not nearly as fun as adventures at Scout camp.
A snappy Scout salute to all of the camp staff and the numerous Scouting volunteers that are giving so much to make our camps ready for our campers this summer. Thanks for making the dream come true!
A special thank you to the volunteers of Camp Hiawatha for welcoming our Key-3 last Saturday.
Ralph Voelker
Scout Executive
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From the Council President

Several of you have asked about the status of our Council’s Conditional Charter, so I would like to bring you up to date. Late last year, after two years of missing key success criteria, and concerns over appropriate corrective actions, Bay Lakes Council was placed on a Conditional Charter (CC) status. We were given specific performance or action expectations we had to satisfy, in a given time frame. Success meant we could continue as a Council, while failure would result in our Board being dissolved, with a new Board being put in place by our Area leadership. I am happy to report that, although there is still much to do, we are making steady progress and should be off of the CC later this fall. We had to take steps in the areas of Finance, Program, Membership, Governance, and Staff.

In the area of Finance, we have added an active Finance Committee, Audit Committee (and completed a thorough audit), and begun a reassessment of the Growing Future Leaders program. In addition, our Development group has secured key leadership and plans for our major fundraising activities. We still need to create a strong budget team to lead us in setting next year’s budget. In Program, we have a strong team that is actively leading our Covid modified camping program for this year and preparing for 2021. In Membership we had assembled a strong team which was preparing for spring and fall recruiting, until they were sidelined with the pandemic. They are now focusing on fall, with the added uncertainties that still exist due to Covid. In Governance, we have added new members to our Board and continue to recruit people for key positions. We have completed surveys of both members and volunteers to help set our direction. We are in the process of renewing our Strategic Plan for longer term Council efforts, and will have a Board retreat this fall to solidify everyone’s commitment to our success.

Under staffing, the key action was hiring our new Scout Executive, Ralph Voelker. Many of you have met Ralph virtually, and some even in person! He comes to us with a wealth of executive experience and a proven track record in strengthening Councils.

Roy and I are excited to be working with Ralph! So, thank you to those of you who asked the question. Please keep it up as we try to keep volunteers fully informed and fully engaged!

Rod Goldhahn
Council President
From the Council Commissioner
This weekend, I had the opportunity to travel with the other members of the Council Key 3, Ralph Voelker and Rod Goldhahn to the beautiful UP of Michigan for a visit to Camp Hiawatha. If you’ve never been there, it is one of those drives where the scenery goes from wide-open views of the bay and Lake Michigan to the interior of the Upper Peninsula.
I tried to imagine myself as a Scout, the roads got narrower and turned to gravel, the woods became even more dense. It felt like I was heading into the remotest area on earth. Then, we arrived.
Camp Hiawatha is everything I would ever want to a Scout camp to be if I was a kid again. Rustic buildings (in nice shape), large open camp sites with flush toilets, beautiful Bunting Lake for swimming and boating, activity areas, and my favorite: patrol cooking. There is even an island to explore!
But here’s the best part. There were crews of staff and volunteers working hard to get their camp ready for the summer. There is so much pride and good cheer being thrown around, and it certainly was contagious. You could tell that these folks are excited and that they cannot wait to show off their camp for another camping year.
Things may be a bit different this summer due to the limits of the COVID-19 guidelines, but there will be no shortage of fun for the Scouts.
Leaders: if you have not tried Camp Hiawatha as a part of your unit program, you really ought to. We have a little gem of a camp tucked away in the upper reaches of our Council. Thank you to all of the folks from Camp Hiawatha for hosting our visit.
Roy LaPean
Council Commissioner
Update on National BSA Restructuring Communications

To Our Bay-Lakes Council Families,

You may have received or may soon receive a legal notice from Omni Agent Solutions and the National Council, Boy Scouts of America regarding the national organization’s Chapter Eleven bankruptcy. This is a requirement of the bankruptcy code as part of the process of reorganizing. Over the coming months they will communicate with more than 10 million individuals as they seek to demonstrate that no potential claimants were unaware of how to make a claim. To be clear, receiving a notice does not mean that your child was harmed while in Scouting.
We know that kids are and have always been safer in Scouting than not (backed by research) and we work diligently to ensure our programs incorporate the latest and best youth protection practices, so it is upsetting for a family to receive a letter like this. Child sexual abuse is a crisis in our society. We have a zero-tolerance policy and are committed to being part of the solution.
You can learn more about how we as leaders, parents and staff are in a position to help, as well as review Scouting’s youth protection policies and practices, referred to as the “Gold Standard” for youth-serving organizations by child safety experts, on our website.
Thank you for all that you are doing for children through your leadership in Scouting.

Ralph Voelker
Scout Executive

Reminder: Full Payment of All Summer Camp Fees Due June 15, 2020

Scout Families – don’t forget, if you are signed up for 2020 summer resident camp, full/final payment is due on June 15. If your balance has not been paid in full by June 16, the early bird price will not be valid and will return to full price.

Payment options:

If you have questions regarding your balance you can contact Laura Daigle at or (920) 734-5705.


We are very excited to have you this summer at one of our beautiful camp properties and are looking forward to making it a summer to remember. It is not too late to sign up for camp! Check out all of our camping options:

Preparation Intensifies Toward a Safe Summer Resident Camp
Camps open in less than four weeks. Camper and staff safety in Scouting remains the first consideration. Volunteers, several senior camp staffers and contractors are busy reconstructing, refurbishing, general cleaning-up and program planning at each resident camp property. More work needs to be done. See the Kon Wapos Lodge appeal below for details how your family can help make summer camp come alive.
Erick at Camp Hiawatha: We hosted the Council Key-3 who toured Camp Hiawatha this past weekend. Thanks for coming Ralph, Rod and Roy. The floors in our commissary were upgraded and thoroughly cleaned. The retaining wall design for boat house has been approved. Construction begins this weekend on the new gun safes at the rifle range. We have new canoe and kayaks racks built for the boat house. The boat house is scheduled to be wired this week. All of staff beds have been cleaned and sanitized. (Thanks, Michele!) The Trading Post will have a new look and feel for speedy deliveries. We can’t wait to start camp and enjoy another wonderful U.P. summer.
Michael at Camp Rokilio: We have been hard at work with a number of projects. Rosie Shower House is being updated to provide eight individual stalls. The new Welcome Center is complete and operational. There has been a lot of moving materials to that new building to prepare for the camping season. You will also see a lot of painting projects that have been completed. The Viking ship is being painted and is looking great. Lastly, we have been working on adapting the schedule for this summer.  You will see many familiar activities, but we have updated the program to work with the new challenges this summer.
Patrick at Bear Paw Scout Camp: Bear Paw has been very active for the last few months and continuing through the summer. Besides camp programming and activity planning, our fearless group has worked on numerous projects around Bear Paw. We are continually cleaning and reshaping the layout of the camp as well. We have cleaned out and organized a new quartermaster building, rebuilt “tent City” for staffing quarters, and assisted with any of the numerous building projects around camp.

At some point we are working on or helping with the building of:

New boathouse and nature building on the waterfront

  • New staff cabins
  • New storage and warehouse facility
  • New commissioner and program building
  • New STEM & maple syrup building

We have literally kept the “fire going” and will continue to make camp improvements for the foreseeable future. It certainly is a very exciting time to be a part of the rebuilding of Bear Paw!

Brit at Gardner Dam Scout Camp: Things at Gardner Dam Scout Camp are really shaping up for the summer. We’ve had a crew of 5 hardworking camp staffers on site helping with cleaning and work projects that’ll set camp up for some amazing success. This summer will unfortunately not include the climbing tower. But, thanks to some quick-thinking volunteers and camp staff, we are able to put together a second bouldering wall for everyone to enjoy. This wall will be inside the climbing tower fence and will be a bit bigger than the one used inside our Outfitter building. We cannot wait to see you enjoy it! Our team is full of excitement and it’s been a joy to watch them physically and mentally prepare for a whole new kind of summer. Their love of camp and their desire to create magical opportunities for youth has been unwavering and we are ready to welcome you with all the elbow bumps in the world!

Thanks, camp directors and teams! This bears repeating: Summer resident camp provides youth what they need now more than ever: resilience, determination, leadership, and friendships. Teams of volunteers and Council employees continue to work hard to offer a safe experience for every camper this summer. It is always our number one priority.

Join Us For Trivia Night
The competition will be steep, as we will have questions on everything from history, sports, geography, movies, maybe a Scout question or two, and so much more! All proceeds will support the Bay-Lakes Council, Boy Scouts of America – thank you for your support to help keep Scouting moving forward in our community!

To register please “continue as guest”, decide how many  people you are registering/paying for. A full team is 5 people ($75); please provide each team member’s name & email address to complete the team registration.  
If team member’s are registering/paying individually please make sure to provide the “team name” you will be competing as when you complete your registration. Those with the same “team name” will be grouped together for the competition. Once registration is complete, you will receive an email confirmation with rules and details. On the day of the event we will email you a zoom link to gain access to the event.
Team and individual registration will close the day before the event. The cost is $75 per team or $15 per person. Dress code is casual, while team spirit is encouraged.
Don’t have a team? Register and we will form teams of single registrants or add to established teams.
The contest will begin at 7:00 PM and end at approximately 9:00 PM. Click here to register.
Senior Scout Spotlight
What a year so far! We know that unfortunately the end of the school year was nothing short of out of the ordinary. We would like to celebrate our Scout’s that have graduated this year as best we can! We will be featuring a graduating Senior Scout each edition of The Guide. We will also be featuring them on our social media platforms. Help us in congratulating our Scouts on this great accomplishment!
Eagle Scout, Luke Biese
Troop 1090
Chartered by St. Agnes Catholic Church in Green Bay
Voyageur District
Favorite Memory: Two amazing Boundary Waters trips, a supportive Troop,
and my Eagle Scout project, a Northern Pike viewing platform at Barkhausen.
Jacob Kallas
Troop 852
Chartered by Rotary Club – Thiensville/Mequon
Kettle Country District
Favorite Memory: Attending summer camp each year, participating in Troop campouts, and learning to shoot at the shooting and archery range.
Ethan Wondrash
Troop 927
Chartered by St. Peter the Fisherman – Mens Club
Lakeshore District
Would you like to have us highlight your Senior Scout?
E-mail Alex Behrend
 by June 30, 2020 with the following information:
  • 1 or 2 pictures of your Scout in uniform or camp and gown.
  • Name how you would like it displayed in posts and newsletter.
  • Unit number and town in which you live.
  • Favorite memory of theirs in Scouting.
Check out all of our Senior Scouts by clicking here.

Scouting @ Home: Hike-In Slideshows & Winners

Did you miss the Hike-In Campfire Broadcast? Check out the slideshows of the “best of” here. The Family Pictures Slideshow is particularly powerful.
This week in the Cooking Corner with Scoutmaster Pat: make REAL cheesy potatoes.
The Merit Badge series continues. Coin Collecting began this week and will conclude June 18. The Citizenship in the World Class if full. If you are a Merit Badge Counselor and would like to help Mark offer additional classes, contact Mark at
We want to see what you are doing. Send us your pictures of all your Scouting activities. All the details for Scouting @ Home events are right here.
A Peek Beyond Summer Camp
So much of our focus has been summer resident camp, that we want to plan for the scouting activities that await us. (Of course, dependent on conditions.) Look at some of these:
  • Aug. 7-9:       Fall Whitewater Weekend (session 1)
  • Aug. 14-16:   Family Fun Weekend
  • Aug. 22:        Ledge to Lakes Cub Scout Fun Day
  • Aug. 23:        Scout Day at the U.P. State Fair
  • Aug. 28-30:   Kon Wapos Lodge Gathering
  • Sept. 10-12:  Mom & Scout Weekend, and Twin Lakes District Camporee
  • Sept. 18-20:  Fall Whitewater Weekend (session 2)
  • Sept. 25-27:  NRA Basic Rifle and Shotgun Course, and Lakeshore District Camporee
  • Sept. 26:       Bishop’s Mass at 4:00 PM Central at New Franken
Get more details by using the Council calendar and searching for the dates. When registrations become active, click on the calendar link.


Camp opening is next month. There are a number of service projects that need to be completed in each of our camps (Bear Paw, Rokilio, Gardner Dam and Hiawatha) during June. Projects can be done during weekend days, weekdays. We need adults (age 18+) and youth (age 15-17), accompanied by their parents. You do not need to be a member of the Order of the Arrow.
We will be operating with safety as a priority. Most work will be outdoors and distancing 6’+. Bring work gloves, water bottle, work clothes, your own lunch. Be prepared with a face mask, if needed.
General help with various projects is needed: painting, cleaning, brush clearing, etc. Specialty skills are also needed: electricians, carpenters, plumbing, siding installation, soffit installation. (So we can ensure staggering of people at camp, let us know at least 1-2 days in advance. Please do not head directly to camp.)
If you have questions, please contact Lodge Advisor Mike Mailand.

National Jamboree Rally This Month

The 2021 National Jamboree will host over 30,000 of your new closet friends from across the country and around the world at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia next July. In the meantime, do not miss the Council’s virtual “Jamboree Rally” on June 24. Click Here for June 24 JAMBOREE RALLY
Youth participants will be members of the Bay-Lakes Council Jamboree contingent. Adults can apply to serve as a leader (contact us) or as a member of the Jamboree Service Team (National Jamboree website).

REMEMBER: Participants can register by June 30 and qualify for the early bird discount with a $200 deposit and first payment of $400 by June 30.

Register at Bay-Lakes Jamboree Registration.

Final Thoughts …

Did you know that school is officially on summer vacation?  Sure doesn’t seem like it, right? In my growing up days, there was a popular tune which began “Summertime, and the Livin’ is Easy.” Or an even earlier hit song about “those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer.” But summer is here; scouting is alive and well, and is also here. These are the days to experience what scouting in summer can be all about. Our community recreation programs might be diminished, or even cancelled; but that is when Scouts step up: a neighborhood clean-up, even cutting the grass when the folks ask you. Remember: A Scout is Helpful. So, make a difference this summer, even at home.
Till we “meet” again: Scout on! And, see you at camp!
Until next time…it IS a great day for Scouting!

In the Spirit of Adventure,
Warren Kraft
Vice President-Program Development
Bay-Lakes Council
Adventure beyond the Expected
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