From the Council President – Rod Goldhahn

In a few short weeks, we will be in the heart of our fall recruiting. 

While some aspects will stay the same, we are investing in a bold new marketing approach to reach those families who might be missed with our “old” approaches.  With the help of experts in the field of marketing, we are targeting ads to reach the young parents of Scouting aged youth.  Included in those ads will be testimonials from parents noting the impact Scouting has had on their families.  Most of us may not see any of these ads, as we are not the target audience. Several of you have provided feedback that we are not marketing our product. This will be a big step in starting to correct that.

Success is critically important.  Membership is the lifeblood of a vibrant Scouting program.  New Scouts and new families bring new leaders, new ideas, and new energy to build on our established programming.  Membership has been steadily dropping the past several years, and Covid will have a major impact on our numbers going into next year.  If we don’t turn this around, it will continue to erode our ability to deliver Scouting in a quality manner.

There is no single “big thing” that will turn this around.  It will be a series of consistent, positive steps that all of us must be a part of to help make a difference.  Whether it’s the quality of our properties and camp programming, or creative STEM events, or service projects, or units posting their fun events on social media, or growing our financial resources, everything helps.  Well trained leaders, active Commissioners, visible activities, and enthusiastic leaders retain and grow our units.  The time is now to do anything and everything we can to support growing our membership.

If you have questions, or would like the opportunity to help even more, by serving on one of our teams, just send me an email at

Rod Goldhahn

From the Council Commissioner – Roy LaPean

Forging Together

Recently while I was at the Council office I was talking to Shannon Ash. If you didn’t know, Shannon is a potter. As she was describing one of the pieces she had in her office, she used the word “forged” while explaining how she created the the basic elements of her pot.

This reminded me a lot like how the Council is forging together at the end of this summer to ensure that all of our units return as closely as possible to Scouting as we have known it. Shannon’s pot includes four types of clay, which all work together to form a solid structure that is much more than just functional. Scouting has four elements — Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Exploring and Venturing. Let’s work together to reforge these elements of Scouting and ensure that our units remain solid and functional.

Roy LaPean
Council Commissioner

Remember, Clyde is your go-to sources for all your commissioner questions. Send him a note at BAYLAKESCOMMISSIONERHELP@GMAIL.COM.

2020 Mom and Scout Cancellation

With a heavy heart, I want to pass along in this email as a notification that the Mom & Scout program will be cancelled for September 2020. This was not an easy decision and it was done with the leadership team for the Mom and Scout program understanding the current state of the pandemic, outlook and safety of our scouts, families and volunteers. We understand that a great number of people look forward to this event each year. With this, we hope to continue this event in spring of 2021 with the planned theme from this year of “Ohana” which means family.

If you were registered for this event, watch for an email regarding refunds. If you have questions in the meantime, please feel free to contact Ed Kikkert at

Family Camping at a Bay-Lakes Council Camp

Did you know as a registered member of the Bay-Lakes Council, you can rent campsites and even buildings for fun family outings! There has been a lot of interest in families being able to go camping and not just summer. All of our camps can offer family camping experiences, not just unit camping experiences. We would love to host you and your family at one of our beautiful camp properties and there is no time like the present to get outside and spend time with your family. There are currently no structed program areas available during family camp. To learn all about our Council Properties, visit the Bay-Lakes Camps website.

Need more Information: Contact the Center for Scouting at (920) 734-1991 or email

Summer Camp — Thank You for Your Feedback
First and foremost, we would like to thank all the Scouts, Scouters and families that joined us as this summer at one of our camps. This year is most definitely one that we will not forget for many reasons.

Back in March as the pandemic started to change our lives in a dramatic way, the leadership of our Council took a hard look at what to do about summer camp. The bold decision was made to continue with summer camp operations knowing that it would be very different, but so worth the extra effort. Several changes to the program and operations were made to Be Prepared, so a memorable, well thought out, FUN, safe and most importantly a little slice of “normalcy” experience was provided.

We also made the choice to use these unique and uncertain times to really look at how camp operates and make some changes for the future. This summer, we collected feedback from campers about their experience at camp. We are so grateful you took the time to give us your thoughtful feedback, without this we don’t know what our members experience is and how we can make it even better. There were two major things that stood out from the feedback that was provided:

          1.  A desire for youth sizes for merchandise that is available in the trading post.
2.  Scouts, Scouters and families that attended camp had an amazing time!

We would like to address both of these items with you.

Regarding youth sizes in the trading post, we will be adding these items to the selection at our camps in 2021. We are also working with our apparel vendor to design a 2020 Bay-Lakes Council Camps shirt that can be ordered online (in both youth and adult sizes) and available to you this fall. More information will be coming out soon.

For the Scouts, Scouters and families that had and amazing time at camp, we need your help letting others know what a great experience you had. We would like you to share your adventures, pictures and videos. Right now, more than ever, we need more good news in the world and we would like to share yours! Click here to submit your stories.

We hope that you found your summer camp experience to be memorable, well thought out, fun, safe and most importantly — a little slice of “normalcy.” See you next summer.

Thank you, and Scout On!

“What a perfect experience (grandson) and I enjoyed at Bear Paw Camp. I cannot imagine how the camp could be better at full operation. The COVID-19 plan created to allow summer camp was good, unconventional and took moments to figure out, but it was inspired. Bear Paw’s program areas are incredible. As a swimmer, I loved the waterfront and its operation. My grandson appreciated the attention and instruction of shooting sports. The food was good and plentiful with appropriate variety. Part of Scouting has always been some level of chaos, a substantial well-intentioned mismanagement and a lack of cohesion. Bear Paw failed on the big three, congratulations. There are too many superlatives to list them all. Thank you for a great Scouting experience.”

-Dr. Greg Baxton-Brown, Eagle Scout Class of 1967

We always are seeking your feedback to improve. Simply reply to this email and your messages will get to the right people. That’s a promise.

Plan your 2021 Summer Camp Now

We know that there are many months before we start thinking next summer, but we are already planning for 2021. The Leader Guides for each camp are already online. Camp costs for 2021 have gone down (see pages 8-9 of the Administration Guide at the link above).

Reservations for Scouts BSA camps can be made now, so put down your deposit and reserve your favorite session and campsite.

Reservations for Cub Scouts and Webelos are slotted to open up online the first weekend in December. Details and registration links will be communicated as soon as the details are finalized.

Everything Fall Popcorn
The annual Fall Popcorn Sale is under way! Show and Sell orders are due by August 31st and the Council Popcorn Kick-off was a hit! Click here to watch and share Popcorn Man and Non-Popcorn Man give the best Popcorn Kick-off ever!
Safety is our #1 priority this fall! Make sure you are wearing your mask, maintaining 6 feet of social distance and washing your hands often as you are selling popcorn.
Don’t worry – you can still sign your unit up to sell popcorn this year! To do so, email Alex Behrend at
Unit Kernels – watch for your weekly kernel journals to keep you updated on all things popcorn. All the information you need is right here.
What a Great Opportunity!
It’s Going to be a Brand New Cub Scout Recruiting Season!

Cable TV and targeted Streaming Media Ad Buy, Facebook Geofencing, Drive-Thru Recruitment Events…all kinds of great things are happening with this year’s Recruitment Campaign!
What’s Next? Your Pack should be knocking off the steps below as we speak.

  1. Get Trained
  2. Recruit Your Pack New Member Coordinator and News Reporter
  3.  Sign up for a Recruitment Date and Location

But don’t forget! Your Pack should share a fun program calendar to sell those new families on all the benefits of joining your Pack! But what about this year’s challenges? No problem.
Nowhere to meet? Not many members left? We have you covered. Check out the resources below to see how you can plan a great year in minutes, with a program that you can still make happen, no matter which way the COVID-19 virus bounces!

–  Videos for every Cub Scout Adventure, plus Den Meeting Planning, Tricks, and Hacks!

–  Sample Pack calendar prepared by full service Cub Scout Pack 4168!

–  VIRTUAL and Creative Meeting Pack Calendar Draft so you can Scout ON regardless of the ups and downs of the Covid Pandemic

–  VIRTUAL and Creative Den and Pack Calendar Draft for any situation!

The Brand New Den Leader Video Series is Here!

Many different volunteers and staff across the nation have put together a collection of virtual Den meetings, videos, rank overview videos, and Scoutbook help videos for you to use this fall/winter. To watch these videos click here.

For more resources for your Den Leaders to use, visit this link.

Hey Eagle Scouts — Have You Heard About the #EagleScoutChallenge?

Let’s light up our social media feeds with the amazing Eagle Scout projects that have been done and show how the Scouting community is changing lives each and every day!

Click here to find out how.

Salute to an Eagle

We would like to share and celebrate your Scout’s achievements on becoming an Eagle Scout. Would you like us to share your Scout’s story, we hope you do! To submit yours, click here.

You may also forward the information and a picture (with parental permission to publish) to

Upcoming Events

There is no “quiet time” in the Scouting world. Here are Council-sponsored events and selected District-level events for the next four weeks,

AUGUST 23: Scout Day at the U.P State Fair in Escanaba Has Been Canceled
We’ve been informed that the U.P State Fair in Escanaba has been canceled this weekend so there is no Scout Day on Sunday, Aug. 23.

AUGUST 27: NOVA Counselors and/or Supernova Mentor Training
Sponsored by the Greater St. Louis Area Council, this webinar is open to all Scouters, who want to learn about the BSA STEM Nova program, and why this award program is important to Scouts. It is Thursday, Aug. 27, from 7:00-9:00 PM Central. The steps on becoming a NOVA Counselor and Supernova mentor will be provided along with key strategies on guiding Scouts through the process of earning these awards. More details and registration can be found here.

AUGUST 27: Twin Lakes District Leader’s Awards Gathering
An evening of fun, fellowship, and celebration on Thursday evening, Aug. 27, at the Jeff Foust property south of Oshkosh. Nominations for these awards: Den Leader Award, Cubmaster Key, Unit Leader Award of Merit, Scouters Training Award, District Award of Merit, George P Nevitt Award, William D Boyce – New Unit Award, should be sent to Gary Lau at or Jeremy Bates at COVID-related protocols, including masks required, are in place. RSVP here.

AUGUST 28-30: Kon Wapos Lodge Gathering at Bear Paw Scout Camp and Camp Hiawatha
The Lodge Gatherings at Bear Paw and Camp Hiawatha will be next weekend — Aug. 28-30. A Fall Conference will be held at Camp Rokilio the weekend of October 9-11. All Order of the Arrow members and Ordeal candidates are invited. Ordeal candidates, Brotherhood candidates, Vigil candidates, regular members are all invited. We will be working on service projects and have some fun and fellowship. We will be modifying how we operate by distancing, using face masks when distancing isn’t possible, frequent washing of hands, camping by district (chapter), outside dining, etc.

SEPTEMBER 12: BSA Family Funfest on Facebook LIVE!
The Ultimate Pinewood Derby® Speedway Race Event will take place on September 12 for three hours beginning at 10:00 AM Central/11:00 AM Eastern. There will be giveaways every 30 minutes! If you like funny pets, rockets, astronauts, and Pinewood Derby® cars, then you’ll love Family Fun Fest! It’s outdoor adventure you can have online! This very special online-only event is just for families like yours! There will be cool hands-on activities, interviews with amazing people, and opportunities to make your community better with a service project. If you’re already a Cub Scout, you’ll love it! If you’re not a Scout but want to find out about all the fun and cool things Scouts do – this is your chance! And, it’s always more fun with friends, so invite some of yours to join you online for the Family Fun Fest!  More details and registration can be found here.

SEPTEMBER 18-20: Fall Whitewater Weekend at Gardner Dam
Open to all Venturing Crew and Scouts BSA members. Leaders and parents are always welcome to participate as well. Participants are taught the techniques and safety of kayaking on a whitewater river. In addition the weekend includes time for movies, campfires and getting to meet new friends. Check it out here.

You can find more events on the Bay-Lakes Council website. (Hint, in the upper left, click on grid view for easier viewing.)

Kon Wapos Lodge Welcome Meetings

Scouts elected for membership in the Order of the Arrow, and their parents, are invited to a ‘Welcome Meeting’ before Scouts attend their Ordeal.  Adult candidates are also invited to attend.  Unit leaders are welcome to attend.  Choose one of the ZOOM Welcome Meetings to learn more about the Order of the Arrow and the Ordeal induction process and induction weekends.
Order of the Arrow Welcome Meeting
For Ordeal candidates and their parents.

Aug 23, 2020 07:00 PM Central Time (US & Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Passcode: Welcome
Dial: 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
Passcode: 7167691
Meeting ID: 839 8504 8540
Order of the Arrow Welcome Meeting

For Ordeal candidates and their parents.
Time: Sep 16, 2020 07:00 PM Central Time (US & Canada

Join Zoom Meeting

Passcode: Welcome
Dial 1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
Meeting ID: 812 1318 9988
Passcode: 2203267

Final Thoughts…

Every GUIDE, there is the “Feedback” paragraph below my signature block. We do need your comments and suggestions to make this a useful communications tool for Scouting. One question I received a while ago asked about how the GUIDE is produced. While my signature appears in this e-newsletter, there are two particular stars at the Center for Scouting who take my first draft(s) and do all sorts of wizardry and technical magic to create this GUIDE. Alex Behrend is the Council’s Director of  Development. Among her many duties, she develops financial resources and activities to help fund Council Scouting. Oftentimes, as she edits these drafts, there are additional items to be added.  Shannon Ash is the Marketing Assistant. From the moment the first draft hits her inbox, she is also editing and formatting this document on the Council’s distribution platform. Both talented and gifted staffers are the principal reason that this GUIDE reaches you. They truly deserve much applause. Thank you, Alex and Shannon!

Till we “meet” again: Scout on! And, be safe and stay healthy!

Until next time…it IS a great day for Scouting!

In the Spirit of Adventure,

Warren Kraft
Bay-Lakes Council Vice President-Program Development
Adventure beyond the Expected

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