From the Council President – Rod Goldhahn
Time flies when you are having fun!  It seems like we were just reviewing the camping team’s plans for safely opening and conducting camps, and now they are over.  Kudo’s to all involved in that process, from  board members, council staff, and camp staff. You pulled off quite a feat, and the reports from the campers have been excellent!  It created some sense of normalcy is a very abnormal time!  The cold spell moving through the area this week is a cool reminder that fall is just around the corner.
District committees are re-engaging and units should be well underway in planning for fall recruitment. My apologies to that dead horse I am beating, but this recruiting season will be the most critical one most of us have faced. Covid, questionable school access, questionable gathering opportunities, multiple new priorities and challenges facing young families, all contribute to the need to get this right.
Hopefully most of you or people from you unit attended the virtual recruiting training recently offered. It’s exciting to see us adding new options to use current technology to reach as many families as possible. Thank you for all you are doing for Scouting and please continue to use all the tools you can to reach as many families as possible!
From the Council Commissioner – Roy LaPean

Can you believe it!
What looked to be, in March, an almost impossible task, that of putting together an opportunity for the Scouts of Bay-Lakes Council to experience summer camp while the threat of COVID-19 lurked nearby, has now become a reality. Congratulations to the leaders and Scouts of Bay-Lakes Council for seeing this through!
So now, as we clean, dry and put away our camp gear, let’s look forward to the start of another Scouting year. What’s in store? Recruiting new Scouts; virtual meetings; modified camporees and other unit, District and Council events; Courts of Honor, new Eagle Scouts. Really, just the normal business of Scouting, being conducted in a not-so-normal environment.  All around us will be distractions – social distancing, unclear school schedules, learning to adapt to new technology, challenges to the Scouting program on a National level.
John Quincy Adams once said “Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.” We are going to need to work patiently and persistently to see ourselves through all the distractions and help Scouting emerge whole on the other side. The good news is that there are a lot of us and we know how to work together to accomplish things that are important to us and to the Scouts that we serve.
So, enjoy the rest of your summer. But get ready for a busy Fall!

Roy LaPean
Council Commissioner

Remember, Clyde is your go-to sources for all your commissioner questions. Send him a note at BAYLAKESCOMMISSIONERHELP@GMAIL.COM.

Our Apologies…
We goofed last time; there was a broken link intended to take you to the Council events for August. Our deepest apologies for the event coordinators and directors who volunteer long hours for us to enjoy Bay-Lakes Council camps, we appreciate your understanding.
For those who tried the link, we are sorry for that inconvenience. For future reference, we do post The Guide to the council website, under News & Updates, within several days of its distribution; so, the current issue and many back issues are there for your perusal. Many thanks to those who reported it to us. Thank you for all of the feedback we have received.

Bay-Lakes Council Center for Scouting Closed August 13-14
The Center for Scouting in Appleton will be closed on August 13 and 14 for an all-staff meeting. The Scout Scout will remain open during their normal business hours. Thank you for your understanding.
2020 Fall Popcorn Sale – Council Virtual Popcorn Kick-off August 15, 2020
Units can earn free leaders to 2021 Bay-Lakes Council Summer Camps!

That’s right – Units can earn free leaders to camp! Click here for details. Check out the popcorn webpage for all the new bonus prizes this year!
Click here to sign your unit up, so you get the communication regarding the upcoming sale. If you need assistance with signing in, contact Nikki Woolf at or (920) 734-5705 x. 118.
Virtual Kick-off Sign-up: This year, because we can’t be in person, we will be offering a virtual kick-off for all Scouts and Scouters to attend. There will be a breakout for Unit Kernels, Scout Leaders, and Scouts and Parents. Everyone is welcome. We will host this event online, so click here to register.
Continue to check out for updates.


We asked our summer camp directors for one last reflection on summer camp and share their responses. And, we want to salute the awesome camp staff members who help bring Scouting alive these past several weeks.

From Erick, Camp Director at Hiawatha:
We here at Camp Hiawatha would like to express how happy and excited all of you were while at Camp Hiawatha. We enjoyed your good times and happy trails. We will miss all of you until you comeback. We are packing up camp as I write this thank you to all of the Troops and Packs for taking time to come and have a safe and exciting summer. The staff at Camp Hiawatha has had a rewarding and safe summer thanks to all of you who came and Swam, Hiked, Biked, Camped, sang and cooked their way through the week. I wish you all a safe and happy year. Keep on Scouting.
From Michael, Camp Director at Rokilio:

As Wednesday (July 29) came to a close so did our summer camping season at Camp Rokilio. With the last campers departing I would like to look back on the summer and give some of the highlights that we experienced this year.  When the first campers stepped into camp they were greeted by a new schedule and some new program offerings.  At Rokilio we adjusted the schedule to only three days and two nights but even though we had one less day we still packed in even more fun and adventure that we ever had before. We expanded our advancements with a focus on each rank being able to complete 3 or more adventures. We looked at how the theming was done and integrated the camps Superhero Training Camp experienced into more activities. We revamped our campfire program not only to provide more social distance but also a lot more participation from the campers to make it an unforgettable experience. And lastly we added more waterfront time into the schedule so that scouts could get more out of their camping experience. Throughout the summer as with every summer it is my favorite part of camp to get out and talk with the youth and especially the parents that take time to join their scouts at camp. Through our conversations there was one thing that stuck out to me, everyone was so thankful that we were still offering the summer camp experience.  I would like to say to everyone that came to camp that I am so thankful that you were able to join us this year at Camp Rokilio, The staff comes out and works at camp because of you and to see the impact that they have on the campers every summer. To those that were unable to come to camp this year, we missed seeing you and I hope that we will see you next year at camp.

With the close of the summer season it is time to look to the future, soon you will see the program guide for 2021 at Camp Rokilio. We will be continuing to offer the 3-day 2-night program with an emphasis on providing as much fun as possible to every participant. We hope to be offering meals in the dining hall as a large group, and to reintroduce boating that was sorely missed this year. We also plan on bringing back 4 hours of open programming on the last day of camp. Although we will return open programming to the schedule, we have some big changes to the offerings. We will still offer many of the activities that campers know and love but we have also added in advancement tracks for each rank for those participants that would like to work on some rank specific items. These tracks will make it easier for parents and leaders to decide what open programming activities to participate in and as with this year we will be completing the entire adventure at camp. I look forward to seeing all of you at Camp Rokilio and I hope you are ready for an awesome summer in 2021.

From Brit, Camp Director at Gardner Dam:
Reflecting on all that had been done during the summer of 2020 I am absolutely astounded. The Gardner Dam staff not only rallied together, they became a family with a mission. The mission to provide programming amidst a global pandemic was daunting, but with the Scouting spirit on our side, we succeeded.

Looking forward to 2021, we have staffers that are already looking forward to what lies ahead. Our incoming theme being Espionage for the Cub Scout and Webelos program brings forth incredible ideas and new opportunities for growth, development, and a whole lot of fun. We’re excited to build on the foundations of this last summer and continue to provide great experiences!

Plan Your 2021 Summer Camp Now

We know that leaders may still be putting stuff away, but as you see, we are already planning for 2021!
The Leader’s Guide for each camp is already online. Click here to download the file for the camp you need.
Did you hear? Camp costs for 2021 have gone down! See pages 8-9 of the Administration Guide. Click on the image to the right to download.
Make your reservation now, put down your deposit, and reserve your favorite session and campsite.

Cub Scout Fall Recruitment is Underway; Are You Ready?
Since Most Cub Scout Packs in the Bay-Lakes Council will likely have little or no access to youth in schools for School Talks, and Recruitment Events, the Bay-Lakes Council has launched an unprecedented Fall Recruitment support effort! We already held the Council Fall Recruitment Training on July 21, with almost 250 people in attendance, but you can still catch up!

This year’s campaign features:

  • A large council-purchased targeted Media Ad Buy for September and October to support the recruitment season.
  • A Council Purchased Facebook Ad Buy and Geofencing with District and Unit Sharing to advertise your specific Recruitment Event.
  • A Unit Hometown News Correspondent Program to get positive Scouting stories and images in the News and on the Internet.
  • Covid-Safe Drive Thru Recruitment events for each Elementary School.

Now is the time for each pack to:

1. Go through the 2020 Fall Recruiting Training Slides or view the Training Video.

2. If you have not done so, click here for information on updating your pack’s Be A Scout Pin.

3. Designate your pack’s New Member Coordinator and Unit News Editor to communicate with district and council. If you have not already done so, please share their contact information with the council as soon as you can.

4. Contact each elementary school you serve and schedule a Covid-Safe School Sign-up Event in the school parking lot sometime between mid-September and mid-October. Share this information with the council by August 15. This is also where you order your Recruitment Supplies!

Instructions and report links for all of the above steps can be found on the council website by clicking here.


A brief calm settled over Bay-Lakes Council camps since the scouts and staff  closed out summer resident camp. But, beginning with this weekend’s Family Camp Adventures at Bear Paw, the weekend is for camp. Here are the council-sponsored events for August:

Wausau Whitewater Weekend Cancelled; Gardner Dam Weekend Still On

We received word that this weekend’s Whitewater event at Wausau’s Whitewater Park was cancelled.  However, next month’s weekend at Gardner Dam Scout Camp, Sept 18-20, is still on track. Open to all Venturing Crew and Scouts BSA members. Leaders and parents are always welcome to participate as well. Participants are taught the techniques and safety of kayaking on a whitewater river. In addition the weekend includes time for movies, campfires and getting to meet new friends. Check it out here.

Bay Jammer is at Bear Paw Scout Camp

Aug. 14-16. One of the nation’s oldest and most premier summer events. Bay Jammer is open to Scouts BSA Troops, Venturing Crews, Explorers, Sea Scouts, Senior Girl Scouts, Ambassador Scouts, and Mariner Ships. Participants must be 13 years old to attend. It is series of competitions that build on the values of Scouting, encourages teamwork among youth, tests one’s Scouting knowledge and perseverance, and even includes a dance! Click here for the details.

Remember Fall Popcorn Training

Aug. 15: The annual fall popcorn sale begins earlier this year. There will be a Popcorn Training Zoom meeting on Saturday, August 15 at 9:00 AM, with more details to come. The take order sale will also begin about mid-August, so be ready for popcorn sales to begin before school starts! All the information you need is right here.

Dadventure is a Go at Bear Paw

Aug 21-23:  Adjusted to the health and safety protocols, Dadventure still packs lots of fun into a “tiny” weekend. Campers will be groups to move from event to event. Learn about chemical reactions, gaze at the stars and make your own amazing slime! Also included are some of our tried and true favorites: branding iron, Akela Warrior Challenge and 2 person saw. Many of the activities count towards Advancement Requirements. Register here today!

Scout Day at the U.P State Fair in Escanaba

Aug. 23:  Free admission when in uniform. Units can put on a Scouting activity in the Big Tent area to showcase Scouting to the UP. All the information you need for a great day at the fair can be found by clicking here.

Kon Wapos Lodge Gathering at Bear Paw Scout Camp

Aug. 28-30: Ordeal candidates will complete their Ordeal and join our brotherhood, as well as Ordeal members sealing their membership by becoming Brotherhood members. Those who were selected to be Vigil honor members will also hold their vigil on these weekends. For those not doing their Ordeal, the weekend will be filled with service projects to get our camps ready for the fall, as well as fellowship for everyone. Another focus is the election of the new Lodge Leadership. Registration can be found here.

And that is just August! You can find more events right here. (Hint, in the upper left, click on grid view for easier viewing.)

Salute to an Eagle

In Scouting, the eagle stands for strength of character, and for knowledge of all phases of Scouting. The eagle represents an understanding of community and nation, and a deep respect for same. The eagle is a symbol of what a young man has done as well as what that young man will do, and will be, when he grows to manhood. The eagle is a leader. The eagle is respected, both by his peers and by his adult leaders. Hence, the Eagle Scout.
This is Ben Grumann, Troop 59 of Gathering Waters District, who successfully completed his Eagle Board of Review on July 16. A June graduate from New London High School, project was to build a stadium entrance to his high school’s football stadium. He will attend Michigan Technological University in Houghton; new student check-in is Aug. 22. Ben will seek a double major in Software Engineering and Electrical Engineering Mechanics.

We seek to highlight all our new Eagles. Please forward the information and a picture (with parental permission to publish, please) to us at

Family Camping at a Bay-Lakes Council Camp

There is a lot of interest in families being able to go camping and not just summer. All of our camps can offer family camping experiences. Here are the Council Camping Guidelines

Family Camping: Family camping is an outdoor experience, other than resident camping, that involves Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, or Venturing program elements in an overnight setting with two or more family members, including at least one registered BSA member of that family. Parents are responsible for the supervision of their children and Youth Protection guidelines apply.

Recreational Family Camping: When Scouting family’s camp, as a family unit, outside of an organized program. It is a non-structured camping experience, but is conducted within a Scouting framework on local Council-owned property.

Cub Scout Pack Overnighters: These are Pack organized events involving more than one family from a single Cub Scout pack, focused on age-appropriate Cub Scout council-approved locations. If non-members, siblings participate, the event must be structured accordingly to accommodate them. All youth participants are responsible to a specific adult.

Adults giving leadership to Cub Scout Pack Overnighters must complete Basic Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO) to properly understand the importance of program intent, youth protection, health and safety, site selection, age-appropriate activities, and sufficient adult participation.

Two-deep Leadership for Cub Scout pack Overnighters for more than a single family from a single Cub Scout pack

Two registered adult leaders or one registered leader and a parent of a participant, one of whom must be 21 years of age or older, are required on all trips and outings. The unit’s Chartered Organization is responsible for ensuring that sufficient leadership is provided for all activities.

For Cub Scout Outings: At least one adult must have completed BALOO (Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation). A minimum of one adult is required to be Youth Protection Trained. It only takes a couple of minutes to become Youth Protection Trained. Go to, log in or create an account. On the homepage, scroll down to see and click the Take Youth Protection Training button.

For Co-ed Outings: Appropriate adult leadership must be present for all overnight Scouting activities; even those including parent and child, require male and female adult leaders, both of whom must be 21 years of age or older, and one of whom must be a registered member of the BSA. The chartered organization is responsible for ensuring that sufficient leadership is provided for all activities.

Need more Information: Contact the Center for Scouting at (920) 734-5405, or email
National Scout Jamboree Update

Although it was announced last month, that the 2021 National Scout Jamboree was postponed, planning will still continue. All youth participants and leaders will receive a full refund of any fees paid, which will be processed by Bay-Lakes Council. Jamboree Service Team members (staff), will receive a refund directly from the National Jamboree. If you have additional questions, please contact Mike Mailand at

Senior Scout Spotlight
What a year so far! We know the end of the school year was nothing short of out of the ordinary. We would like to celebrate our Scouts that have graduated this year as best we can!
We will be featuring a graduating Senior Scout each edition of The Guide. We will also be featuring them on our social media platforms. Help us in congratulating our Scouts on this great accomplishment!
Troop 473, Hiawathaland District
Chartered to Escanaba Township – Recreation
Alex is an Eagle Scout and left for basic training on July 6.
Troop 623, Twin Lakes District
Chartered to Future Omro Chamber – Main Street
Zac is an Eagle Scout.
Troop 932, Lakeshore District
Chartered to Kiwanis Club of Manitowoc

Isaac’s favorite memory of Scouting was attending Medicine Mountain Scout Camp in South Dakota. This summer he was the Trading Post Manager at Camp Rokilio and he recently passed his Eagle Scout Board of Review!
Would you like to have us highlight your Senior Scout? Email Alex Behrend with the following information:
  • 1 or 2 pictures of your Scout in uniform or camp and gown
  • Name how you would like it displayed in posts and newsletter
  • Unit number and town in which you live
  • Favorite memory in Scouting
Check out all of our Senior Scouts listed on the council website.
Kon Wapos Delegates at the Summit
Though the intended event was cancelled at the Summit Bechtel Reserve, the 18-person delegation from Kon Wapos Lodge is spending this week in West Virginia. (The Momentum leadership training event has been moved online and is now free to all.)
Meanwhile contingent members found their way to the Summit Circle where pillars of Lodge bricks are scatted about. The group is in charge of cleaning the Circle with Lodge Chief, Nate Ruggles, leading the contingent in a service project at the OA Summit Circle. Vice-Chief, Milo Rades assists.
Even though the training event was moved online, the contingent will still get to experience zip-lining, biking, white-water rafting and more…

Final Thoughts…
It was a pre-dawn 55-degrees under a near-full moon earlier this week, when I headed for the YMCA to open the pool for those early morning patrons. It was quite crisp in my lifeguard “outfit” and probably should have taken a windbreaker along. As Roy mentioned above, there were many months of planning and reshaping, training and retraining, recruiting and rescheduling, by many volunteers and professionals, to make summer camp happen. While we now turn our thoughts to Fall Recruitment and Popcorn sales, to the new school year however it will happen, the temperature “jolt” was a refreshing reminder that short-term, or weekend camp is an essential element of Scouting. Whether a pre-planned council event, an organized district event when those can safely resume, or even the unit’s weekend adventure, scouting life is always better in the woods.  Sure, we will seek a return to hot and humid weather. (I always remember the first week of school being brutal in those non-air-conditioned classrooms.)
We promote camp as a creative and educational experience in outdoor group living. We believe it contributes to good health, helps scouts develop self-reliance and resourcefulness, enhances spiritual growth, contributes to social development, provides an experience in citizenship training. Even at the Cub Scout/Webelos level, camping introduces girls and boys to the knowledge and skills that they will learn and apply more thoroughly as they continue scouting. Scouts camp in all kinds of weather; yes, even winter camping outside.

Till we “meet” again: Scout on! And, see you at camp!

Until next time…it IS a great day for Scouting!

In the Spirit of Adventure,

Warren Kraft
Bay-Lakes Council Vice President-Program Development
Adventure beyond the Expected

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