Kon Wapos Lodge is conducting virtual elections for new OA youth members through March 31.  All elections will be done using a virtual process and no in-person elections will be held.  Any youth member elected in 2020 who has not completed their Ordeal induction in 2020, is eligible as a candidate through 2021 and does not need to be re-elected.  Remaining candidates from 2020 and newly elected candidates for OA membership in 2021 will be invited to complete their Ordeal during 2021.  The lodge is planning to conduct in-person Ordeal induction weekends in June, August and October.  If we are not able to hold in-person induction weekends, the lodge will have a virtual option.  Callout ceremonies are planned to be conducted at council camporees in April and May, and during summer camp at Camp Hiawatha and Bear Paw.  A callout ceremony is not required for a candidate to participate in the Ordeal induction weekend.  Nominations from unit committees for OA adult candidates will be accepted until March 31st.  Unit leaders of Scouts, BSA and Venturing units can request a unit election now.  Contact unitelections@konwapos.org with questions or to request a virtual unit election.

CHANGES ANNOUNCED: Temporary Camping Requirements 2021

  1. The limitation on counting no more than three (3) nights of short-term camping in a single month is increased to five (5) nights per month. All other requirements for virtual short-term camping eligibility remain in effect.
  2. The requirement for a long-term camp of five (5) consecutive nights is relaxed. While council long-term camps should be utilized if available, any combination of short-term and/or long-term nights, in camp or virtual, that are part of a BSA unit-organized unit camping event held within the two years prior to election may be counted toward the 15-night requirement.

Monitor Website for Updates

For complete information, follow this link: www.konwapos.org  Otherwise, contact the Lodge Adviser with questions: mike.mailand@konwapos.org.