2021 Scout Sunday, Scout Sabbath, and Scout Jumuah
Known as the birthday of Scouting, the Boy Scouts of America celebrates its anniversary on February 8. It has become the week when Scouting units can practice their “Duty to God’ and the 12th point of the Scout Law – A Scout is Reverent.  

Scout Jumuah will be observed February 4-5, Scout Sabbath will be celebrated February 5 and 6, and Scout Sunday on February 7. Through this trio of faith-based celebrations, Scouts and Scouters give back to their religious-chartered organizations, or the gathering places where they meet for their religious obligations. That might mean an act as simple as wearing the full field uniform to services. It might mean participating in services by doing a reading, singing a song, or presenting religious emblems and awards to Scouts and Scouters. Or it might be something as a service project to benefit a religious organization in the community. Check with your religious leadership how you may make a difference this year. Find more information on this year’s celebration right here.

Arctic Adventure & OKPIK Winter Camping
February 13 – Conditions are great this time of year to learn about cold weather camping at Arctic Adventure. This winter adventure program is designed for Venturers and Scouts BSA units.

There will be an optional overnight outdoor camping option on Saturday night. The OKPIK winter camping program is an
Available option. A virtual day of OKPIK winter camping training is being planned for February 6. You can practice skills learned during a winter camping adventure at camp the following weekend. Participants will need to bring a completed BSA Health & Medical form, personal clothing, bedding, and a smile. A checklist will be sent to those who are registered. More details can be found here. Registration ends on Saturday, February 6.
Scouting for Food Dates Set: April 10 & 17
Be part of the largest one-day Community Service Projects in the council
Scouting for Food bag drop-off is Saturday, April 10, and food collection is Saturday, April 17. New this year: We are asking each unit participating no matter if they are dropping off bags, picking up food, or both, to register online by March 26. When the drive is over, units will report back with their results using this link.
National Youth Leader Training
National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) is the premier youth leader training experience offered by the Boy Scouts of America. The Council offers two opportunities based at Camp Hiawatha: the Traditional course within camp on June 20–26, and the Pack and Paddle course (in the context of a wilderness backpack and canoe trek) based at Camp Hiawatha on August 7-15. To learn more about NYLT and to register, visit the registration site online.

Participants put leadership theory to immediate, real world practice.  They learn to set a personal vision, establish goals, and lead themselves, and others. Participants will return to their home Troops, and Crews with the tools, and enthusiasm necessary to help lead their units, using the Patrol Method.  For many, NYLT is a mountaintop experience from which they will benefit the rest of their lives.
Participants must be Venturers, Explorers, or Scouts BSA members, who are at least 13 years old and are First Class Rank or above by the time of the course. Participants must have passed a BSA swimmer’s test within the last year, or be able to pass it upon arrival.  Participants must have the recommendation of their unit leader, be able to live and work in a rugged environment (including the ability to eat 9 days worth of backpacking food), and should successfully complete the Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops, or Crews. Participants should also have the emotional stability to readily work in a team environment for an intense and extended period of time.

Get all your information for the traditional course in June right here.  If you have any questions, contact Suzanne Worden, Course Director, at suzannemworden@gmail.com.

Details and registration for the Pack and Paddle course in August are located here.  Contact Course Director, Sherriee Peppin, at slpeppin@gmail.com if you have any questions.