You’ve likely seen the news reports that the BSA and plaintiffs are very near a settlement in the abuse lawsuits. We are hopeful to be able to share the details, including our portion of the settlement, in the next few weeks. We will communicate the news as soon as it is available. As we anticipate that being behind us, we are focused on the future. COVID-19 hit us very hard in membership, especially at the Cub Scout level.

A successful Fall Recruiting drive is critical to our long-term success. Board member, Paul Shrode, was recently elected VP of Membership and will help guide those efforts. Key volunteers and staff in each district are executing plans involving school access, community opportunities, social media, and targeting marketing to reach as many families as possible. Our Commissioner team is ready to assist all new leaders and units in starting up quickly and successfully with the meeting tools and resources they need to have a vibrant program.

We can all help by reassuring our friends and associates that Scouting is safe and continues to be one of the primary organizations developing character and leadership skills in our youth. Encourage those not involved to give it a try. Does your church or civic organizations charter a unit? If not, consider asking them to do so. We have resources at the ready to help them get started. It is also important we look to different methods and different opportunities to deliver the promise of Scouting. What other groups can we serve? Where can we make a needed difference in the lives of youth that we haven’t considered in the past? Thank you for your past support and we look forward to your continued help in guiding our future!

Contact Rod at if you have any questions.