Happy Thursday Kernels!

Prizes – this is always a top question we get. Here are some of the most FAQ’s.

Unit Commission – how much does my unit earn in commission?

Online Sales –

A couple great ideas! –

This idea was brought to me by a Pack and wanted to share with you – regarding HomeTown Hero donations

  • The Pack wanted to be sure their local hero’s received popcorn instead of it being delivered to other towns throughout the Council. They will be taking all of their hometown hero donations throughout the sale and purchasing popcorn with the dollars dedicated to that line. They will then be working with their local fire station, police station and hospitals to make direct deliveries. This is a great way to honor our local hero’s and to get your Scouts involved!

This idea is for all the Packs who have been welcoming new families to your units!

  • Some of these families just joined Scouting a couple weeks ago and have not had a lot of time to sell! This pack is using the “late order” deadline to extend the take order portion of the sale for their new families! Love this!!!


Have a great week! Let’s finish the sale strong!