I hope your sales are continuing to go well! Please keep sharing your stories and pictures with us!

  • 50 States Club – There’s still time to join the 50 States Club and earn a $250 Amazon gift card! The quest to join the club continues until November 20. If you haven’t yet, you can create online selling IDs for your Scouts on the Pecatonica River website. Log into your account and select the Scout Seller ID’s tab. You can then enter Scout names and email addresses to create their IDs. The email attached to the Scout will receive an email confirmation and more information about setting up their own online selling account. This process can take up to 72 hours. You can learn more about seller IDs at Friendly reminder that unfortunately Pecatonica River cannot ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada.
  • Unit-to-Unit Transfers – Don’t forget to be utilizing our Bay-Lakes Council Kernel Korner ( to post what products you are looking for or may have extras of. Several of our districts have similar pages for your specific district, but transferring products between districts is NOT limited to units in the same district as you. Please remember to have a signature from both units involved on the transfer form (found at, then please email it to Nikki and I and we will make the transfer in the Pecatonica system.
  • CommissionAs you’re looking at your unit’s commission matrix on the PR website, please let Nikki or I know ASAP if you see something that doesn’t look right or need to make any changes to your prize/no prize option.
  • Selling Tips – Be sure to keep the energy up with your sale. Some fun ideas include:
    • Do a weekly raffle for Scouts that make sales that week
    • Do a contest for Scouts to completely fill out their order forms
    • Reward the Scout who goes to the most houses or logs the most storefront hours in a week
    • Make a unit goal each week and celebrate once you hit it

Please let me, Nikki, or your district popcorn team know if you have any questions or if there’s anything we can do to help your sale! And as always, make sure you have our popcorn webpage book marked for all your popcorn resources: